Symbolic Meanings of the Ocean's Most Beautiful Creatures

Symbolic Meanings of the Ocean's Most Beautiful Creatures

Sea creatures are more than just a pretty reminder of your trips to the shore. Learn the magical properties of popular shells and wildlife.


Beach walks may well be summer’s most satisfying pastime. Intricate seashells washed ashore become cherished keepsakes of a coastal holiday. Sightings of wildlife in the waves and sand linger on as fortuitous memories. But did you know many sea creatures actually carry deeper meanings?

The ancients connected beings from the deep to gods and goddesses, associating them with magical properties. They’re tied to the element water as well as the femininity of the moon, which drives the tides of the oceans.

Those qualities are believed to boost prosperity and have the power to draw the things one most desires into one’s life. Check out the special properties of each below, then comb through your own hurricane jar or photo album from vacations past to see what kind of power you’ve been holding onto.

Scallops represent nostalgia, love, and beauty. These fan-shaped wonders are associated with the goddesses Aphrodite and Venus – most famously in Botticelli’s painting the Birth of Venus, which shows her being carried from the sea on a huge half shell. The scallop’s aura of love and femininity infuses our Shell Color Infusion Charm Bangle.

The nautilus channels cosmic forces. An ancient mollusk dating from the time of the dinosaurs, the nautilus grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life – and is an emblem of expansion and renewal. The widening of the chambers creates a natural spiral, which is an archetypal symbol for cosmic force. Capture the spirit of growth and development with the Nautilus Expandable Anklet.

Conch shells offer protection. The iconic hear-the-ocean shell, once the safe home of the living conch within, is a symbol of protection from outside elements. It is often shown in the hand of the Hindu God Vishnu and is used by Tibetan Buddhists as a call to worship. The sound created by blowing into the conch shell is similar to the mantra of om, the sound of the universe often chanted during meditation. Celebrate the universal life force with the Shell Crystal Infusion Adjustable Necklace.

Sand dollars confer serendipity. One of the legends surrounding this disc-like sea urchin is linked to the mythical land of Atlantis: When the continent disappeared, the sand dollar – the currency of that lost civilization – was carried across the oceans by mermaids. Today, finding a sand dollar on the beach is like discovering a lucky coin, a harbinger of prosperity and good fortune. Carry your own good-luck totem with Symbolic Sand Dollar Jewelry.

Starfish are symbols of enlightenment. The starfish has meaning in nearly every culture. There is a belief among some Pacific Islanders that the creatures are actual stars that have fallen in to the sea. Among Asian cultures, they represent divine love. To others, these stars of the deep are, like those in the sky, a symbol of guidance and enlightenment. Whether on land or sea, stay on course this summer with the

Starfish Charm Bangle. Dolphins represent communication. Spotting a playful dolphin swimming along the shoreline delights the senses and can impart healing vibes. But as advanced communicators, these highly social creatures use whistles, gestures and sonic echolocation to meet their needs and express their feelings – an inspiration to humans to practice our own higher levels of self-expression.


Written by Joanna Powell
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