New Bracelets

We love announcing upcoming releases and drop dates for new collections and pieces as soon as we know about them. Because we collaborate with some of the most popular brands, sports teams, universities, and franchises, you’ll often see new bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings based on some of your most beloved passions. Whether it’s our latest Harry Potter™ collection or the next piece in our Coffee of the Month Club, this is where you can look to find out what’s coming next. Visit our Coming Soon page as often as you like to be the first to learn about the exciting things happening behind the scenes!

Jewelry Coming Soon

While you can browse the freshest additions to our store in the New + Now Collection, this Coming Soon page focuses on announcements of new bracelets, bangles, and other pieces not yet available for purchase. Often, our latest arrivals sell out so quickly that many shoppers don’t even realize they’re here before they’re gone. By adding a Coming Soon announcement space, we’re helping our fans find out about upcoming designs and release dates so they can prep their calendars and their shopping carts for site updates. If you’re looking to shop our latest jewelry drops and newest styles, browse our New Arrivals.

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