emoji® Jewelry

Some things can be said without words. Gift or wear an emoji® piece that says everything for you. Whether it's heart eyes or a unicorn, angel and devil, or peace and love, our emoji® collection has something that speaks your language. With our fun and unique cartoon designs inspired by the emojis on your phone, tablet, and computer, you can shop your favorites now to find a unique avenue for self-expression. Browse our entire collection to discover the perfect piece!

emoji® Charms

Our current emoji® jewelry collection focuses on bangles with emoji® charms cast in recycled metal and painted with permanent acrylic. We then finish each piece with a special coating to ensure your jewelry lasts as long as possible. Find emoji® bracelets in gold and silver-plated styles to match your style and aesthetic today!

Our Collaborations

We collaborate with a number of partners to recreate your favorite movies, television shows, and books as jewelry. From Wonder Woman and Harry Potter™ to Barbie™ and Peanuts, there’s something for everyone! Our emoji® jewelry collection was inspired by the movie and your keyboard! Every one of our collaborations is a licensed collection that’s fully approved by the creator. Because we work directly with the inspiration behind our jewelry designs, you can expect accurate recreations of the most popular franchises. Enjoy unique designs brought to you by our expert team, so you can showcase your most important hobbies and passions! If you’re still on the hunt for other symbols that bring your joy and hope, consider browsing some of our other collections, including Mantras + Inspirational styles as well as Balance + Harmony designs.

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