woman wearing holiday symbol winter jewelry

Winter Jewelry: Our Favorite Holiday Symbols

The holidays are a time that’s filled with meaning, traditions, and special memories. At ALEX AND ANI, we love to explore the imagery of the season through meaningful winter jewelry designs. As you prepare for the holidays and start to think about gift-giving for those you love, here are a few of our favorite holiday symbols to help you get inspired.

The Bow

A perfect symbol for the holidays, the bow may bring to mind images of getting dressed up for holiday parties or presents underneath the tree. But this winter jewelry staple is also a powerful symbol of friendship, commitment, and kept promises. We feature the bow symbol on a beautiful selection of necklaces, hairpins, rings, bangles, and winter bracelets.

ALEX AND ANI promise bow charm bangle

The Cross

A powerful, spiritual image that spans millennia, the cross symbolizes eternal life, love, and hope. Some of our favorite designs featuring this symbol include our classic cross necklaces, cross bangles, and cross charms. Given the depth and scope of the symbol of the cross, gifts such as these can also be perfect for birthdays, milestones, and other occasions in the life of someone you care about.

The Snowflake

As a symbol of uniqueness and beauty, the snowflake is a favorite among our holiday jewelry collection. Without being tied to a particular holiday, the imagery of the snowflake is an ideal choice for winter jewelry that you can wear starting at the holidays and well into the near year. Let yourself shine with our snowflake necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

woman wearing ALEX AND ANI starburst charm on a silver ball chain necklace layered with the delicate star motif necklace

The Guardian Angel

Symbolizing strength, protection, and blessings, guardian angel jewelry can be worn throughout the entire year. A beautiful choice for gift gifting, bracelets, charms, and necklaces featuring guardian angel imagery is perfect for friends and family alike. Keep this symbol close to your heart when you are needing extra peace, love, and support. Browse our entire strength and protection collection for similar styles you’ll love.

woman wearing stacked ALEX AND ANI religious and beaded bangles

Meaningful Jewelry

At ALEX AND ANI, we love crafting and curating meaningful winter bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry that you can enjoy this season and throughout the year. We invite you to explore our full collection of jewelry, including breathtaking engravable pieces to celebrate the season. Follow us on social media for even more winter jewelry inspiration, and be sure to check out our winter lookbook for other meaningful styles that speak to your unique story.