Who Are Your Divine Guides?

Who Are Your Divine Guides?

You know what brings me a huge sigh of relief in hard times? Prune juice. You know what else? Fiber One. But you know what ELSE else? The fact that I am divinely guided, unconditionally loved, and entirely protected by benevolent beings.

I’m not a churchgoer. I’ve never been to church a day in my life. No one in my family is a believer of the things I believe. If I tried to share this with them, they probs wouldn’t even have me finish a sentence, and would go right back to watching Wheel of Fortune. (Unless they’re reading this.. then.. Hi.)

So right off the bat, you’d never guess that I talk to Spirit every day, sleep with crystals hanging above my bed, and believe that all dogs really do go to Heaven. Which for me, makes it even more special that I have been shown what I’ve been shown and is why I am so incredibly grateful for the path I’ve been led down.

Spirit, God, The Universe, and other things.

If no one had any particular influence on my beliefs, then how did they come about? Was I perhaps…. Guided.. to them?

Yes, fully.

Slowly, year by year, I was introduced to this world of limitless potential.

Growing up, I never gave Spirit/God/Source/The Universe a ring-a-ding unless something reeeeeally not cool was going on, like if a family member was sick or if my cat ran away. It was instinctual - bowing my head, hands to heart, tears uncontrollably pouring out of my eyes, snot running down my chin, praying for help. The words wouldn’t be anything poetic or scripted, they would just come out of me in a blubber.

That’s the thing with praying. You can’t smooth talk Spirit. The emotion, honesty, and vulnerability will shine through your words no matter what language you speak. If you’re being disingenuous, or saying something with malicious intent, talking to your guides will be like, ~Leave a Message at the Beep~ and you’ll never hear the beep.

Get it? Cool.

After praying, at first I wouldn’t feel any better immediately. I wouldn’t see any changes happen overnight. Usually things would stay awful, honestly. But the thing that DID change inside of me over time was my capacity for love, gratitude, courage, strength, and faith.

That’s where my journey began. Within my own heart-space and mind. I didn’t see apparitions, or have hallucinations, or go to a five day ayahuasca ceremony in South America. (Although if anyone’s offering, I’m there.)

People were coming into my life who I felt I’d known forever. Opportunities were presented to me that felt like they were artisanally handcrafted for me, like a warm apple pie in October.

Focusing on the things going right made it easier for me to get through whatever it was that caused distress in my life. I should point out I had just as many lows than highs - maybe even more lows than highs. Not saying we only learn through pain, because we certainly don’t, but I do have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason and for our own growth.

We are never given anything we can’t handle.


On a snowy night in early 2016, I was driving home from Boston in my Silver 2001 Nissan Sentra with a friend. I was 17 and about to graduate high school. We were singing along to One Direction. Life was good.

I remember feeling so content that day. This was the first time I’d seen my friend in months. It had been snowing delicately and steadily, like something from a cheesy Christmas movie on ABC Family.

Suddenly we’re spiraling down 95-South and cars are swerving around us. I’m holding onto the steering wheel like it’s gonna do anything to make us stop. We’re both too shocked and it happened too suddenly for either of us to speak or scream or say anything to each other.

After about two or three seconds of panic, this wave of calmness washed over me. I released my grip on the wheel, closed my eyes, and waited for it to be over.

Once I felt like we stopped, I opened. We were parked perfectly on the side of the highway in the breakdown lane, a few inches parallel to the barrier. We didn’t hit anything, we didn’t hit anyone, I didn’t lose a tire, and 1D was still on. (It was “She’s Not Afraid”..if you know, you know.)

My car had parked itself off to the side all on its own. The only thing was that we were facing the wrong direction. I turned the engine off, and we just sat there for a sec listening to the snowflakes tapping on the windshield.

Then we both started laughing hysterically.

A police officer somehow materialized right after this happened and pulled over to where we were. It was the middle of a snowstorm, after all, and we were facing oncoming traffic.

I told him what was up, and he asked if we were okay. We both said yeah, he blocked a few lanes so we could back up and turn around, and we drove home.


My Grandpa, Michael, had passed away not too long before this. I hadn’t gathered much applicable knowledge of what happens when we die, and I hadn’t fully stepped into my spirituality yet, but I liked to think he could still see us and hear us.

I knew that He, or whoever He is now, had interfered with what could have happened that night. We faced a near death experience and came out without a scratch.

Elena, my friend from that night, agreed that she felt it was something supernatural.

Your Divine Guides

The odds of you being born is one in 400 trillion. And here you are, blessed beyond belief. You have the luxury of accessing the internet to read this right now. The air around us is exactly the right composition of molecules that creates oxygen and allows us to breathe. The plants that grow from the Earth are a natural filter our atmosphere. The nutrients we need as humans to function can all be found in nature. There’s exactly the right amount of gravity keeping us on the earth, yet we are free to move about as we please.

See how lucky we are to be alive right now? It’s no coincidence. But still, it’s inevitable for us to be put in situations where we need a little extra help.

Your guides are here for you. But, there is a universal law preventing them from interfering - free will. They cannot intervene with your life unless you ask, whether that be consciously or unconsciously.

Call upon the Divine Guides by learning what each of them are lovingly here to offer us, and allow them to help by keeping them by your side.


Guide: Guardian Angel
Stone: Amethyst
Wear to Channel: Light, Purity, Strength, Protection

Guide: Saint Anthony
Stone: Tigers Eye
Wear to Channel: Harmony, Faith, and Hope

Guide: Archangel Michael
Stone: Sodalite
Wear to Channel: Communication, Truth, Strength, and Protection

Guide: Mother Mary
Stone: Rose Quartz
Wear to Channel: Faith, Love, and Hope

The answers and guidance you seek are already there, waiting for you to open up and accept. Uncovering them is easier than you think.

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