The Moon Tarot Collection: An Easy Guide to the Mysterious Tarot

The Moon Tarot Collection: An Easy Guide to the Mysterious Tarot

Chances are you've heard about tarot cards – they have been around for a very long time, in fact, their roots are practically untraceable. These cards are adorned with artwork and packed with meaning, and if you’ve ever walked down a city street you’ve seen someone offering to read them for you. Well, save your money and your doubts, because here is a guide to the tarot so you can explore for yourself.

Lets start with the knowing that tarot cards may not necessarily predict your future. They are used as tools to offer different perspectives and insights. It’s actually not as “woo-woo” as people may think – if you are human, you have your own doubts, fears, insecurities, and hopes that cloud your judgement. Tarot is a friend you can bounce your situations off of and they will reflect back an honest truth.

Choosing Your Deck

Let your deck reflect who you are. Find artwork and a vibe that speaks to you – you will be drawn to your deck effortlessly. Spend time with your deck and cultivate a relationship with it. Study and meditate on the detail and colors in the artwork and how they make you feel. Each morning or night, ask your deck “What do I need to know that I’m not aware of at this time” – it will deepen your energy ties to the deck and show you possibilities you may have overlooked. Some people even choose to sleep with a card under their pillow to connect with it.

Asking A Question

When you phrase a question, it is all about taking responsibility. Nothing and no one can tell you your future or what to do – you are capable and wise enough to handle it. Avoid questions beginning with "Should I," "When will," or "Do they" and focus on yourself and commanding what you want. Turn to questions like “Show me the truth in this relationship” or “I’m open to receiving any messages regarding a new love i’m feeling interest in.”

Learning the Major and Minor Arcana Cards

Learning the tarot can seem like a daunting task, when in reality it is a fun and fulfilling experience. As you ask your questions and pull your cards, look up the meanings and get to know them as if you were getting to know new people, slowly, and constantly learning something new and gaining familiarity as time goes on. The Major Arcana are the cards like The Sun, The Moon, The Fool, The High Priestess, etc. And focus on the deeper and more spiritual sides of life. The Minor Arcana include the court cards, like the five of swords, that focus on more daily life.


There are countless spreads already out there and ones you can create to fit your needs. The most common ones include the three card pull, reflecting the past, present, and possible future of a situation. This is an easy way to get to know the tarot. The other ones include more of an in depth reading, like the Celtic Cross, or the Seven Card Spread. Sometimes, the best option in the beginning is to pull one card for your day and get to know it. Check out this piece on The Sun tarot card, and how we meditated it on it for the summer solstice!

Listening to the Messages

When pulling a card, it is important to meditate with the card to fully embody the message and use your own intuition on how it applies to your life. They all tell a story of your journey. Like the Moon Tarot Card shows the part in your journey when you have just been through a major transformation, and now it’s time to heal, process, and settle down. It is a reminder to not fear – but an opportunity to dissect and clear out what that fear is with confidence. It is a reminder that you are being supported, and you are not alone, and now it is time to integrate, breathe deep, and return home to your magic.

Tarot is a powerful, age-old tool that calls on your own intuition and power to handle whatever life throws at you. Life is a series of events created with your own divinity and fate – use this tool to immerse yourself deeply in every cosmic happening. Check out our new Moon Tarot Collection and wear these pieces as a reminder to honor your gut feelings, pay attention to your dreams, and elevate your intuition.

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