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Top Necklace Gifts for Her

When it comes to selecting meaningful jewelry for her, a necklace should be at the top of your list. Necklaces have been desired and worn since ancient times. Stemming from the simple silhouette of a band or chain around the neck, designs have almost infinite style and statement possibilities.

The right piece expresses the wearer’s uniqueness on a deeply personal level. When you thoughtfully shop and select a meaningful necklace for her, you also give the gift of appreciating and understanding her unique personality and style. From timeless symbols to personalized selections, and as a vehicle for uniquely individual charms, necklaces for her can be the perfect way to show you care. 

Shop our beautifully designed necklace gifts for her whatever the occasion -- holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. Here are a few of our favorite styles.

Pendant Necklaces

Necklaces have been given for thousands of years, and some of the earliest designs included natural elements like shells and gemstones. We love the simplicity of necklaces that feature a single bold, colorful stone such as sodalite or fluorite. To choose the right necklace for her, consider shopping not only by color and design but by meaning. Certain gemstones are thought to be connected to luck and prosperity, while others symbolize harmony and balance.

ALEX AND ANI Sodalite Gemstone Necklace for Her with 14K Rose Gold Chain

Charm Necklaces 

When it comes to meaningful jewelry for her, charms are inspired gift choices. Ideal for layering and pairing with other jewelry pieces in her collection, charm necklaces for her are the perfect symbolic vehicle for expressing a special sentiment or meaning – from love and faith to new beginnings – or to celebrate a shared passion for a book, movie, or TV show.  Or create your own curated charm jewelry for a uniquely meaningful piece.

Although charm jewelry gifts are fashionable enough to wear on special occasions, they are also versatile and casual enough to be worn every day. Paired with the perfect black dress or your favorite jeans, charms are always the perfect accessory and personal style statement.

ALEX AND ANI Path of Life® Embossed Charm Necklace Gift

Personalized Necklaces

Personalization is the ultimate compliment. What could be more special than a personalized jewelry piece that uniquely and memorably captures a memory, a special date, her name or initials, or a meaningful quote. Engravable necklaces can also be enhanced with charms to communicate your personal message as well as conveying sentiments such as wisdom and potential or joy and love.

ALEX AND ANI Engravable Joy + Love Multi-Charm Layered Necklace for Her in Shiny Rose Gold

Putting it All Together

It’s all about layering. Putting together two or three complementary designs and lengths can take your look and impact to the next level. Shop our full necklace collection for our wide selection of perfectly layered necklaces. Or create your own layered look with our necklace connector closure that keeps your necklaces beautifully draped and tangle free.

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At ALEX AND ANI, our passion is creating heartfelt, inspiring, and beautiful custom jewelry for every woman and every occasion (even just because). We invite you to explore our full collection of necklace gifts and to check out our special gift guide for even more ideas on bracelets, rings, and necklaces for her.
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