To the People Who Have Lost Faith in Humanity

To the People Who Have Lost Faith in Humanity

This is for you. This is a reminder that we are all in this together, unseparated, and all figuring out what is right and what is wrong, and where our actions fall in that spectrum. It can be easy to see something terrible happen and lose faith. But for every one person who acts from fear, there are 100 people to help pick up the pieces with love, a far more powerful tool. You can see that after natural disasters, attacks, and times of strife.

When life gets rough and you are left doubting the love in the world, challenge yourself to look at the response. Look at how many people open their hearts and homes and take action. In the times of most pain, you can feel the most love and support around you. Then, challenge yourself to look at your actions and how you can authentically share your love. Here are some ways to restore your faith in humanity.


Share Your Voice We live in a powerful time of connectivity. The world is listening, and we can send a message with just a click of a button. Let your message be powerful, and let it be heard. Surround yourself virtually with people who are willing to take action, make change, and speak words of love. This will propel you into knowing that humanity’s evolving, growing, and good.

Admire in The Little Things Talk to people. Engage in conversation with a cashier, with a child, with a neighbor, or whenever you happen to see someone you feel inclined to talk to. When you engage with people in person, it is an amazing way to have that connection that we all need to survive. It is a way of creating space for someone and feeling it in return, even if it is a fleeting moment. Go out, share your energy, and get some in return.

Honor The Past, Engage In The Present, Prepare For the Future Learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the past. Humanity has had breathtaking triumphs and disheartening failures. Learn from our ancestors, embody their lessons, and apply it today. Take part in in what you can do now to make the world a better place, and watch how many people you meet who are like-minded. Volunteer, raise money, help disaster relief, or do whatever you can to make connections to #CARRYLIGHT. Doing this is investing in the future, making the world a stronger, safer, and more aware place for the generations to come.

Remember the story of the lotus, the beautiful flower that can only bloom in the murkiest of waters. Even when things may look dark, beauty always comes from it. Humanity has proved to evolve and expand in consciousness. With all of our efforts, we can catapult evolution even more. Don’t lose faith in humanity, but rather be that change you want to see. Be the person you want to have faith in. Faith is knowing that everything is going to be okay, and although there may be bumps in the road, we are all in this together, ever-growing.

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