Symbols of the Tokens Collection

Symbols of the Tokens Collection

As nature transforms around you, you too are transitioning from a lively summer into a quiet and cozy fall. During this time, you’re beginning to evaluate what your goals and aspirations are for this upcoming season. 
Thankfully, the Token Collection draws inspiration from the aspects of life that remind us of what is truly important. Wear them for a daily reminder that you hold the power to achieve your heart’s desires within you. 
A Token of Growth   

The acorn, what looks to the naked eye to be a small, discarded piece of nature in truth holds great power. The humble acorn holds the potential of the mighty oak inside itself. Growth is a superpower. Believe in yourself, dig down deep into your own power, and you, too, will grow tall and proud. 

Stack this token of growth with symbols that will amplify the token’s power. The Compass Charm Bangle will help to keep you on your course of growth.  A good compass is your ally when the road is dark, and you lose your way. Layer in textures and colors that resonate with this season. Adding accents to your stack personalizes your look to reflect not only your journey but also your style. 
A Token of Wisdom 

Symbolizing light in the darkness, the moon is a token of wisdom. The moon is an eternal reminder that light is ever-present in our lives, and that to fully embrace it, we must trust the sacred power within ourselves. Ruler of the water and a symbol of woman’s divine power, the moon controls the ebb and flow of the tides, cycles of change, and intuitive transformation. Within her, she also contains wisdom to know when and how to use this great power. 
With a token of wisdom as the focal point of your stack, layer in tools that will help you achieve your true power. The Key to Wisdom Charm Bangle can help you unlock the wisdom brought to you by the moon. A Token of Adoration 

You light up the room when you walk through the door, you’re bright like the beautiful sunflower. A token of adoration, like the sunflower you light up any room with vibrant energy and bring pure joy to your friends. Wear this token as a reminder that joy is within you, and you are loved. Or gift it to your friends as a token of your appreciation of their unwavering support. 
To amplify the love and adoration in your stack, layer the Bee Mine Charm Bangle as a reminder of the people who will be in your life forever through good times and bad. You can support the meaning in your stack with unique textures and materials with accents.  The romantic spheres of the Geneva Wrap Bracelet complete any stack with a unique finish. A Token of Luck 

Invite luck and protection into your life with the horseshoe token. Carry this time-honored symbol of protection, blessings, and good luck, and know that good things will come to you as long as you believe they will. Wear this token upside down to keep the luck in for yourself in times of need. When a loved one could use a little bit of luck pair it with a right side up horseshoe to let the luck fall on them. This symbol will help you tune into your intuition deeply and with confidence. 
To remind you that all good things will come to you, stack the Luck + Prosperity Multi-Charm Bracelet with the token of luck charm. Finish your stack with the harmonizing power of genuine Aventurine gemstones. With aventurine, everything can be brought back to where it's supposed to be prosperous and in harmony. It's a reminder that everything will be okay. Looking for more to add to your stack? Browse our full collection of bracelets and charm bangles! 
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