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The History + Meaning of the Pineapple

Many folks are not aware of the meaning of the pineapple symbol, but it’s actually quite fascinating! The history of the pineapple begins in Brazil and Paraguay, where the fruit was first cultivated. Eventually, the pineapple made its way throughout Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands before becoming one of the most popular fruits all over the world.

The Spanish people called the fruit pineapple because the tough, spiky exterior resembles a pine cone. However, in most other languages, pineapples are called ananas!

Besides being a sweet treat, pineapples have held great significance in many cultures worldwide, and the spiritual meaning of pineapple still persists in the present day. Read on to learn about the meaning of the pineapple symbol!

Hospitality + Welcoming

Around 1710 in New England, there was a tremendous boom in the shipbuilding industry, leading many residents to embark on grand voyages across the sea in search of new lands, riches, fame, or simply a better way of life for their families.

When the weary sailors would return home, they would place pineapples in front of their houses to show that they had arrived home safely and as an invitation for friends, family, and neighbors to stop by for a visit — a chance to spin the yarn while reconnecting with loved ones.

Today, many homes throughout the New England area still display pineapple imagery in their decor and architecture as a tribute to that friendly tradition of times gone by.

Luxury + Status

Another common meaning of the pineapple symbol is its association with splendor and esteem. One story about the history of the pineapple involves the transport of pineapples to Europe from the Americas.

Freshly picked pineapples can only maintain their freshness for roughly one month, and the voyages typically took 40 to 90 days, depending on the weather. During one of his voyages, Columbus had filled the ship’s hold with many pineapples, but only one single pineapple survived. It was gifted to King Ferdinand, who loved the fruit and started cultivating them in the tropics.

Because importing pineapples was extremely expensive, the delectable fruits were viewed as a very upscale item reserved for the most wealthy members of society, hence the meaning of the pineapple symbol signifying luxury and status. Once canning preservation methods became common, pineapples became more accessible, but the symbolism still remained.

Good Luck

The word ‘pineapple’ sounds very similar to the Chinese phrase that means ‘luck coming your way,’ so the pineapple symbol is often viewed as a sign of good luck in some Chinese cultures. Additionally, in some Chinese beliefs, the spikes of the pineapple represent eyes that see into the future and bring good fortune to its owner.

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