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The History & Meaning of the Ankh and Cross

Two of our most popular symbols, the cross and ankh are powerful representations of eternity that keep you connected to your beliefs no matter where you are.  

The Ankh 

A symbol sacred to the ancient Egyptians, the ankh represents eternal life. Scholars refer to this symbol as the precursor to the cross, an early version of that same connection between this mortal life and the afterlife. 

Also called the Key of Life, the ankh doesn’t only represent connection to the afterlife and the idea that your actions today impact your spiritual future. It also symbolizes the most treasured, life-giving resources in Egypt: water, air and the sun. In ancient Egypt, those three natural resources were the keys to creating and preserving life.  


Beyond its higher significance, the ankh evokes harmony on earth, through the balance of male and female energies. When your spirit and energies are aligned, you will walk through life in true harmony. 

The Cross  

The most beloved symbol of Christianity, the cross represents the union of heaven and earth. The horizontal line represents the earthly and rational, and the vertical represents the heavenly and spiritual. At the intersection, it’s the point of communication between people and God. When you wear the cross, according to the Christian faith, you have a direct line to the heavens.  

That same intersection on the cross also represents the connection between this life and the next, between your earthly existence and your future place in eternity. It’s a reminder that your everyday choices affect your soul’s course in the afterlife.  

The cross also represents the tree of life, which appears in the beginning and end of the bible. In the Book of Genesis, God, whom Christians believe created everything in heaven and earth, places the tree of life in the Garden of Eden as a reminder of his life-giving powers.  

The cross is a symbol of spiritual protection, believed to keep the wearer safe from the forces of evil. But more than that, it’s a wearable reminder to stay true to your beliefs and connected to what you hold dearest.  





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