Relax + Restore with our Limited-Edition Summer Box

Relax + Restore with our Limited-Edition Summer Box

Introducing the Summer Seasonal Box, an exclusive way to channel the positive energy of the season.

Summertime Vibe

There’s nothing quite like the energy of summertime. There’s sunshine and warmth radiating down, and all around you, the world is in bloom, bursting with the miracles of nature in all her glory. In short: there is good energy everywhere, and our limited-edition summer box can help you channel it into your own life.

Set Your Intention

Every day, choose the pieces you need in that moment to layer on mantras and charms to remind you that you can channel those intentions every time you glance at your wrist or look in the mirror.

This seasonal box is curated to channel the energy of summer. Inside, you’ll find symbols and mantras designed to help you embrace change and capture all of the good vibes in the air.

Symbols Inside the Box

Sun to represent the healing power of this vital, life-giving star.

Seashell that reminds you that you can weather the most challenging conditions.

Flower as a symbol of growth and the beauty of nature.

Limited-Edition Styles + Favorites

A Seaside Multi-Charm Necklace featuring symbols of growth, change, and the beauty of nature. Wear this necklace to carry the power of the ocean with you always.

A Trust the Process In-Line Bangle as a reminder that when you're in the middle, you can't always see the end — but just as a seashell embraces the currents of the ocean, you can go with the flow and trust you'll land safely.

A brand new necklace connector to keep your layers separate and your neck a well-organized place. A polishing cloth to keep your jewelry glowing.

Treat Yourself this Summer

There are only 250 of this limited-edition seasonal release. Some of the styles you’ll find inside aren't available anywhere else. And because we want your jewelry to be gorgeous forever, we’re including protective jewelry bags, too.

This summer box is the second of many gorgeous seasonal boxes to come. Collect this one, bask in the sunshine, and soak in every minute of the season.

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