Spirit: Navigating a Changed World | August 2021

Spirit: Navigating a Changed World | August 2021

We’re at a difficult moment right now, not only as individuals, but as a society. The pandemic is still a dangerous problem we’re living with every day, but people are out in the world more than they’ve been in the past year. Kids are going back to school, employees are heading back into offices, people are traveling more and more — but we’re all readjusting to new comfort levels, and we’re all navigating a world very much changed from what it once was.

Rather than turning away from the difficult emotions we’ve all been feeling, now is a time to face them head on, and to work through all of the fear and grief we’ve been carrying so we can finally begin to let it go.

The sunflower is a particularly meaningful symbol right now. A flower blooming this month that will continue to brighten our lives through October, the sunflower is a symbol of good cheer, and a reminder that there is always something to be happy about, even in the darkest moments, even when that thing is as simple as seeing a beautiful flower in passing as you go through your hard day.


The sunflower is also a symbol of the bonds of family — not just the family you’re born with, but the family you choose, too. In the pandemic, we’ve all been separated from our long-distance loved ones for far too long. Wear this sunflower and use it as a touchstone throughout your day, not only as a reminder to cultivate connections with the people you love, but as a reminder that you’ve got sunshine inside you, too.

Wear the sunflower as an expandable-length necklace a two-tone charm bangle, or as a new slider charm bracelet.

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