Connect to Your Truest Self on the Open Road

Connect to Your Truest Self on the Open Road

Embarking on solo trips is so rewarding in a multitude of ways. If you’ve yet to discover the benefits of solo travel, it might be time to plan an adventure! Travel is something that’s deeply personal. Setting out on the open road to discover new places teaches you something about yourself and the many fascinating people you’ll encounter. While you’re looking out at the world around you, you’re also looking deep within.

Explore on Your Terms

Solo travel, especially, is illuminating. Without someone else to rely on and make happy, you can do exactly what you want, at your exact pace, in the very specific way you want it done. Simply put, solo trips offer endless possibilities. When you’re not engrossed in conversation, an observant walk through a city street can be fascinating. A morning meditation in the desert will open your eyes in new and fulfilling ways. An afternoon by the water spent soaking in its vital energy can renew your spirit.

Learn About Yourself

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Those of us who are wired to seek out new places and new experiences live in an interesting space. We’re always looking for the next thing, but we can also be deeply satisfied anywhere we are, knowing that wherever that is, we’ll find what’s special about the place and use that as a mirror for self-reflection. That journey isn’t just about travel. Solo trips are a road to self-improvement, to personal enlightenment, to finding a place within where you don’t just know what your needs are — you’re comfortable fulfilling them yourself.

Discover a New Point of View

One of the primary benefits of solo travel is that you’re presented with opportunities to evaluate your inner self and all of the incredible potential within. Whether you’re traveling on a cross-country road trip, visiting a new city for the first time, or camping out in your backyard, it's about seeing the world with new eyes, and seeing yourself the same way: as someone to discover, who is vast and fascinating, and who is never the exact same person twice. Solo trips force you to adapt to new environments and situations — a powerful step forward for personal growth.

Take It Slow and Steady

When you’re traveling with a companion, there’s a constant pressure to squeeze the most excitement out of every minute. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach, there’s something so nice about being able to listen to your heart and cater your experience to your immediate mood. Maybe you just want to spend the day reading in the woods, lounging by the pool, or even ordering room service in your pajamas. When you’re traveling alone, there’s no pressure. Solo trips let you absorb every moment guilt-free, knowing you’re not standing in the way of anyone else’s plans or desires.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

One of the major benefits of solo travel is that it gets easier the more you do it, and you gain a sense of confidence that becomes part of you, even when you’re back home doing your usual routine. Traveling alone can be a nerve-racking experience at times. You’re forced to handle anything that comes your way on your own, using your knowledge, intuition, inner strength, and experience as guidance. You’re going to be making many important decisions as you go — that’s why solo trips can work wonders in removing self-doubt and helping you to believe in yourself in all aspects of life.

Prepare for Your Adventure With Meaningful Jewelry

Jewelry can be so much more than a fashion accessory. Symbolic jewelry can serve as a powerful reminder of your beliefs, your values, and the endless characteristics that make you so special.

Before heading out on your next grand excursion, find pieces that speak to you to bring along. We offer a vast range of designs that are perfect for solo trips. Browse our Path of Life® and Guardian Angel pieces, as well as our Growth + New Beginnings and Strength + Protection collections for inspirational pieces that will provide guidance, insight, and inspiration on your journey.

The benefits of solo travel cannot be adequately expressed with words. We encourage you to experience and embrace the life-changing possibilities that await. It’s a big world that’s worth exploring.

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