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Mind, Body, Spirit: Adorning Yourself With Rainbow-Colored Love

love over hate rainbow bracelets

Summer is always a time for vibrant colors. But especially in June, it’s the time to wear rainbows loud and proud. The rainbow is a symbol of joy and happiness, which for centuries has been associated with luck and good fortune. Since the late 1970s, it’s also been a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community and the Pride celebrations that happen at this time every year.

You don’t have to be part of the community to wear the rainbow, though. You can be an ally, a supporter, or someone who just wants to wear vibrant hues and powerful symbols of love and radical acceptance that enhance the vibe of the summer season. If you’re looking for stunning rainbow jewelry designs, check out the recommendations at ALEX AND ANI to add to your pride jewelry collection.

Subtle & Bold Rainbow Accessories

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At ALEX AND ANI, we have literal rainbow-shaped jewelry, but we also carry rainbow-colored pieces that appeal to everyone! You can wear a candy-like rainbow as a charm bracelet, or check out our series of colored stones pavé-set into a necklace or rectangular ring. If you want a piece of jewelry in every color of the rainbow, you can even explore our Zodiacs + Birthstones Collection to find ruby red, fiery orange, sunshine yellow, forest green, sky blue, and royal purple styles. Pair your azure earrings with crimson and golden rings to match with lime and violet bangles!

Looking for something even bolder for your pride jewelry? Add rainbow slider charms or clip-on rainbow charms to the custom pieces you can create at our Charm Station. Whether it’s creating your own bracelet or mixing and matching a personalized stack, ALEX AND ANI is a gateway through which you can add some positivity and optimism to your life.

Love is Love


Whether you’re out and proud or just here to spread the love, ALEX AND ANI wants to support you in your self-expression. From our Love Collection to our Love is Love sets, we want your heart to be full. With your shining confidence, you can proclaim your support and self-love wherever you go. So shop rainbow jewelry that includes Mantras + Inspirational, Pride bangles, and more to show how much you care.

Tools for Self-Expression

We believe that jewelry is a powerful tool for self-expression, helping you radiate your beliefs, enhancing your confidence, and connecting you to other like-minded individuals. With rainbow jewelry from our collection, you have even more variety to explore your aesthetic while expressing yourself loud and proud.

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