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Enchanting & Magical Harry Potter™ Gifts

Are you looking for meaningful Harry Potter™ gifts for the special Potterheads in your life? ALEX AND ANI is thrilled to bring you a huge variety of enchanting and magical gifts for Harry Potter™ fans. Besides being collectible pieces from the iconic books and movies, our Harry Potter™ jewelry represents perseverance in the face of adversity — a lesson we can all take to heart.

Here are some of our favorite pieces, but be sure to browse all of our Harry Potter™ jewelry to find something magical that speaks to your inner wizard or reminds you of someone special.

Time Turner Spinner Necklace

model wearing a Harry Potter™ time turner necklace

One of our most popular Harry Potter™ gifts, the Time Turner Spinner Necklace features a mystical charm with an inscription that says: "I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun" around a dazzling crystal hourglass. This enchanting piece is inspired by Hermione’s own Time Turner — a magical timepiece necklace that allowed the Muggle-turned-witch to travel through time. We also have a Time Turner Spinner Charm Bangle that would make an excellent gift on its own or, with the wave of a wand, could be paired with the necklace for a spellbinding gift set.

Luna Spectacles Charm Bangle

model wearing Harry Potter™ luna spectacles charm bangle

Our Luna Spectacles Charm Bangle features Luna Lovegood’s colorful glasses called Spectrespecs! Her dazzling glasses are a bold fashion choice, to say the least, and this bracelet reminds wearers to always be themselves and follow their own paths. The spectacles are said to make wicked, invisible creatures (called wrackspurts) visible when wearing them, so it’s one of the best Harry Potter™ gifts for anyone looking for a reminder of clarity during difficult times.

Hogwarts Welcome Home Slider Charm Bangle

model wearing Harry Potter™ Hogwarts welcome home slider charm bangle

As you browse gifts for Harry Potter™ fans, be sure to think of the occasion. Our Hogwarts Welcome Home Slider Charm Bangle would make such a wonderful present for someone who’s going through a transition in life, especially if they’re moving back home or to a new location. This piece will always remind the owner of their home and the people they hold dear, no matter where their life journey may take them.

Deathly Hallows Ring

Harry Potter™ deathly hallows ring wrap

Finally, our Deathly Hallows Ring Wrap is an ideal Harry Potter™ gift for fans who adore a very stylish, minimalist aesthetic. The Deathly Hallows are three powerful magic items — the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Cloak of Invisibility. This elegant jewelry piece will always remind the wearer of the strength they have inside them at all times.

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You can’t go wrong with any of our Harry Potter™ pieces. They’re crafted in the USA from clean, nickel-free metals and recycled materials. We also offer quite a few other collaborations with TV shows, movies, and more, so have a look around! You can also create custom gifts engraved with a personalized message, date, quote, name, or anything else you can conjure from your imagination. Make any celebration more magical with Harry Potter™ gifts, available at ALEX AND ANI!