Facts About Friday the 13th that Might Change Your Mind

Facts About Friday the 13th that Might Change Your Mind

Lucky or No? Many people believe that Friday the 13th is bad luck, but we are wondering: is that really true? While the number 13 has a storied history and symbology, its lore is still undecided whether it is lucky or unlucky. These interesting facts may make you rethink this most uncertain of days...

1. Where does it come from? The first mention of the phrase “Friday the 13th” was when composer Gioachino Rossini (The Barber of Seville) passed away on Friday the 13th. His biography, written years after his death by an American author, was entitled Friday the Thirteenth and is presumed to be the origin of that phrase.

2. Its origins: Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. The word “frigg” comes from the Norse goddess of wisdom that Friday is named after, and the Greek words “triskaideka,” meaning the number 13, and “phobia,” meaning fear.

3. Very superstitious... Many old inns, hotels, high-rise buildings, and even hospitals refuse to have a 13th room or even 13th floor. In certain parts of the world it is considered bad luck to seat 13 guests at a dinner table.

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4. Ciao, numeri! In Italy, Friday the 13th is actually considered to be good luck! It is Friday the 17th that is seen as unlucky!

5. It's not just a phase. Thirteen is the approximate number of annual cycles of the moon! In Chinese culture, mooncakes, a thin cake filled with red bean or lotus seed paste, are eaten for good luck. Thirteen mooncakes are piled into a pyramid to represent each cycle of the moon.

6. Goes way back. The Aztecs were a very wise civilization that believed in a lot of sacred numbers. The number 13 was considered highly sacred – it was the number that represented completion. An Aztec week even lasted for 13 days.

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