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Our Favorite Jewelry Gifts for Teachers

Keepsakes for Teachers

Teachers play an essential role in our children’s lives. They act as educators, of course, but also as stand-in parents when you’re not around and even guardian angels on the playground to ensure our kids stay safe. Many parents and guardians feel that teachers deserve something special to signify their importance.

Whether you’re considering a gift for a holiday, birthday, or the end of the school year, ALEX AND ANI has the best suggestions of jewelry for teachers! Browse our favorite ideas to inspire a thoughtful gift!

1. Apple Themes

Everyone associates the teacher’s desk with an apple. It’s a gift children used to bring for their educators. Now, apples are synonymous with teaching and make a great thematic gift for any teacher in your life. They’re a gender-neutral option that’s ideal for both female and male educators. Instead of giving teachers a temporary token of your appreciation in the form of food, consider a permanent keepsake for teachers engraved on a piece of jewelry!

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2. Book Themes

While tablets and computers are slowly taking over the classroom, many teachers still prefer to utilize textbooks for their lesson plans. Who could forget lugging around four or five books in your bag to ensure readiness for any class?! If you’re looking for unique jewelry for teachers, consider bangles and charms with stacks of books to represent the vital knowledge they impart to their students!

3. Classroom Essential Themes

If you’re looking for other classroom themes to include as charms on necklaces or bracelets, you might want to consider other essentials besides books and apples! At ALEX AND ANI, we’ve got a massive selection of charms to represent any occasion, person, or emotion. When you’re shopping for jewelry for teachers, you might want to look for engraved pencils, painted building blocks, sculpted crayons, or even A+ letter grades to better encompass what it means to be an educator.

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4. Their Favorites

Every teacher has their favorite books, movies, and topics. If you happen to know that your kid’s teacher loves Harry Potter, you should explore our collaboration for tons of wizardly delights. We have patented partnerships with many franchises that could be the key to a teacher’s heart, including Peanuts, The Office, and more! You might even buy them a charm with their favorite sports team to help fuel their passion!

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At ALEX AND ANI, we have thoughtful gifts for every occasion! Explore our jewelry for teachers and make a choice that ensures they know how much you care.