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Our Favorite Jewelry Gifts for Teachers


“To teach is to touch a life forever.”

Teachers play an essential role in our children’s lives. A good teacher is not only a gifted educator, but a cheerleader, a sympathetic ear, and even a guardian angel when we can’t be there to keep our children safe and protected. 

As parents and caregivers, we understand the challenges and sacrifices teachers make and the importance of these everyday heroes. A thoughtful gift is a great way to show your appreciation and make their day. And nothing is more thoughtful than personally selected jewelry for your special teacher.

Whether you’re considering jewelry gifts for teachers for holidays, birthdays, or the end of the school year, ALEX AND ANI has the perfect solution. Browse our favorite ideas for teacher jewelry gifts that encourage and say, “thank you.”

1. Apple Gifts

Apples were once a common gift children brought their teachers, and today everyone recognizes the classic image of the red apple on the teacher’s desk. Jewelry with an apple motif makes a great thematic gift for any teacher in your life. It’s a gender-neutral option that’s ideal for both female and male educators that will serve as a lasting keepsake.

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2. Classic Book Themes

Tablets and computers in the classroom are becoming more common, but textbooks still fill bookbags, and the image of the classic bound book is an enduring symbol of knowledge and learning. If you’re looking for meaningful jewelry for those great teachers, consider a charm bangle featuring a book motif to represent the valuable knowledge they impart to their students!

3. Essential Classroom Themes

If you’re looking for other classroom themes to include as charms on necklaces or bracelets, you might want to consider other symbols familiar to teachers. At ALEX AND ANI, we’ve got an extensive and diverse selection of charms appropriate for any occasion, personality, or sentiment. When you’re shopping for jewelry for teachers, you might want to look for pieces featuring images such as engraved pencils, painted building blocks, sculpted crayons, or even A+ letter grades to recognize their work as an educator.

4. The Gift of Inspiration

Teaching is a challenging profession, and every teacher could use a dose of inspiration in their day. Our Mantras + Inspirational Collection offers unique selections to encourage, motivate, and offer a more personal message to put more happiness and harmony in their day.

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5. Personal Favorites

What does that special teacher in your life enjoy? Every teacher has their favorite books, movies, and topics. Does your child’s teacher love Harry Potter? Explore our collaboration for tons of wizardly delights including the iconic line “When in doubt, go to the library.” 

Our partnerships with many beloved brands and characters, including PeanutsThe Office, and more, could be the key to your favorite teacher’s heart or funny bone. Are they a sports enthusiast? Gift them with a charm featuring their favorite sports team to help fuel their passion.

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At ALEX AND ANI, whether it be a favorite teacher or other professional, we have thoughtful gifts for every occasion. Explore our jewelry for teachers and other occupations to show them how much you care.

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