Inspiring Haiku's Written by Team ALEX AND ANI for You.

Inspiring Haiku's Written by Team ALEX AND ANI for You.

#InternationalHaikuPoetryDay was registered in 2007, but the history of poetry, of course, extends way beyond that. The emergence of haiku was recorded in 17th century Japanese literature, however it was not known as such until the 19th century. (There’s your “thing I learned” for the day.)

To jog your memory, a haiku consists of a three-lined stanza containing a 5-7-5 pattern of syllables. That being said, people young and old alike have what it takes to create these 17-syllable stanzas in infinite ways.

This a lot easier said than done.

Here are a few motivational haiku's written by our team at ALEX AND ANI wrote while working from home. We hope these can brighten your day and inspire positive vibes to get your creative juices flowing.

Morning Mantra

To wake and feel blessed

Is to feel my very best

Thank you for today.


My heart, full of love

Overflows with gratitude

Can you feel it pour?


To my mom, thank you

Your compassion is profound

You are my best friend.


The chirping of birds

And sunlight drenching my floor

It is morning time.

Bedtime Mantra

I close my eyelids

Then take a very deep breath

And exhale the day.


I’ve done it again.

My window’s down in my car,

And it rained last night.


My sweet clementine

You pair well with my peppers

Both grown from the earth

Writing haikus is a very fun way to lift yourself up. They can be silly, soft, sad, bad, mad, etc. By using both your intellect and creativity, you end up with a snapshot of something unique to you. How good does that feel?

Share your own Haiku's with us at #MYALEXANDANI for a chance to be featured!

Wear your words from your personal Haiku (or ours) to keep you inspired and grounded on your journey to self-discovery.



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