How to Use Numerology to Find the Perfect Gift

How to Use Numerology to Find the Perfect Gift

This season, consult the time-honored practice of numerology for intuitive presents with special meaning. You’ll impress everyone on your holiday list with your amazing insight.


Ancient civilizations practiced the science of Numerology, whereby certain numbers were believed to bring luck, longevity, fortune, and protection.

Exploring the spiritual meaning of each of the single digit numbers 1-9 offered early societies a path to understand the mystical workings of the universe. As the holidays approach, customize your gift-giving to each recipient’s unique numerical personality.

The ALEX AND ANI Numerology Collection of charm bangles, spoon rings and necklaces is a valuable source for jewelry inscribed with individual numbers. For a wider range of gifts that connect to a person’s numerological chart, consider this your go-to guide. To start, calculate a loved one’s soul number, then find their perfect gift below.

1. The Leader

As the first of the nine single digits, the number one enjoys an honored place as the symbol of creation, beginnings, and the primal force. People of this number are doers and influencers, rising to any situation and fearlessly directing and guiding others.

Salute the trailblazer with a New Day Charm Bangle. Each purchase results in a donation to the ONE Campaign, a foundation to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Or summon their super powers with the iconic ALEX AND ANI Wonder Woman Charm Bangle or Super Man Pull Cord Bracelet.

2. Unity

Two is considered a gentle force that seeks to end separateness and make peace between all entities. People who are twos excel at diplomacy and are champions of forgiving and understanding. 

3. Creativity 

Threes are great communicators – expressive, imaginative and full of youthful joy and charisma. They’re often found working in the arts and media, as their charm and wit propels them towards success. 

4. The Worker

People born under the number four tend to be strong, steady types. They’re hardworking, trustworthy and patient, and provide a haven of security for others around them. To underscore four’s protective spirit, consider a safety talisman such as our arrowhead.

5. Change

While some people resist new situations, the number five, often called the human dynamo, is a fiercely independent sort who embraces progress, risk and new challenges. Set this free spirit soaring with a pair of Wing Post Earrings or acknowledge their role as society’s brave changeling with the Be Brave Charm Bangle, which benefits the Special Olympics.

6. The Nurturer

Also known as the “motherhood number,” six is the loving, compassionate presence that holds family and community together. Sixes are willing caregivers and teachers, sacrificing their own desires for others. Honor this nurturer with a Crescent Moon Charm Bangle, a piece that celebrates the moon as a symbol of the ultimate mother. Another good fit: our Bright Future Charm Bangle – proceeds go to UNICEF, which works to give every child a fair shot in life.

7. The Mystic

Sevens hold sway as the world’s ultimate seekers and thinkers, always looking for answers both academic and cosmic. As they dig for deeper understanding, they find hidden truths and gather meaningful information. This noble spiritual quest will resonate in a PATH OF LIFE Wrap, with its knotted design that represents our universal connection. Inquisitive personalities may also appreciate a Seek Knowledge Pull Cord Bracelet.

8. The Powerhouse

Eights are associated with money and authority, but they also symbolize infinity, as reflected by their unbroken, continuous shape. They possess infinite love, infinite good, and infinite generosity. Pick up the eight’s everlasting vibrations with an Infinity Adjustable Necklace or an Ouroboros Large Candle, an alchemical symbol of the great circle of life.

9. Completion

As the last single digit in numerology, nine represents the beginning and the end, which manifests as big-picture personalities who are often world travelers, intent on their mission to bring universal love and community to the globe. Applaud the compassionate idealist with the Arrows of Friendship Charm Bangle, sales of which benefit Best Buddies International, a source of friendship and aid to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities worldwide. The Dream Chaser Pull Cord Bracelet will also speak to those who want to wake up the world.

Written by Joanna Powell

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