The History and Meaning of the Triskelion

The History and Meaning of the Triskelion

Unlock the power of creation with this ancient elemental key...


The Triskelion is as ancient as it is sacred and is one of the oldest known symbols on this Earth. Its roots are mysterious with ties to the Celts, although the first sighting of it even predated the Celts in Ireland. The oldest known carving of it was in Newgrange, Ireland in 3200 BC, 2500 years before the Celts arrived. It has also been adopted by the Ancient Greeks, Sicilians, Portuguese, and more. Although the beginnings of this symbol are elusive, the powerful meaning can be harnessed by all.

When you align yourself with the Triskelion, you are saying that you are ready to work with universe. You are sending out the message that you are listening, ready to communicate, ready to connect, and ready to create with something higher. This is an amazing tool for manifestation and tuning into the divinity that surrounds you.

When you wear this symbol, you gain access to the secrets within nature and the cosmos itself that you wouldn’t normally be able to hear, perceive, or be open to. The Triskelion is a key that unlocks the power of your own personal creation, which is deeply unique to you. It mixes your energy with the energy of nature, the cosmos, and the divine, and produces your own individual experience. This will bring you opportunities that only you need.

The three spirals are said to represent motion and movement, and the symbolism behind the number three has many meanings and variations. Some of these include: father-son-holy spirit, mind-body-soul, earth-cosmos-you, ascension-love-evolution, and past-present-future. While different, they all represent moving through cycles and creation, which is what the Triskelion was designed to connect you with.

Channel its power with the Triskelion Statement Ring or Triskelion Lariat Necklace when you are ready to connect with the ancient mysteriousness of creation. Let this symbol inspire the opportunities that will guide you to your most profound experiences.

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