Guide to Practicing Magic in Everyday Life

Guide to Practicing Magic in Everyday Life

There is opportunity to seize the divinity in every moment, every day. When you actually break it down, everything you do can be magic. Every word you speak is a spell – abracadabra, the saying magicians frequently use, comes “avra kadavra”, meaning 'it will be created in my words’ in Aramaic. Your thoughts, words, and deeds have great power in shaping your life. Harness that power by becoming aware of these practices.


Wake Up With Intention Part of living a magic life is being present enough to experience it. When you wake up, hold off on looking at your phone for a while. Take a deep breath and tune in with yourself. Reflect on the dreams you had the night before and write them down. Say a prayer or mantra either out loud or silently and become aware of your surroundings – the feel, colors, smells, lighting, everything. Plant your feet on the floor and take a deep breath. You are awake, and today has the power to be life changing.

Be Mindful of Your Words Words are powerful. You are constantly relaying messages both verbally and nonverbally, so notice what signs you are giving off. Speak words of empowerment for yourself, as if you were talking to your best friend. You are your biggest advocate, so speak up, and tell others and the universe who you are, what you want, and what you are made of. Be congruent and align your actions with your word, and watch how everything falls into place for you.

Be in Tune With the Moon Note the phases of the moon, what sign the moon is in, and how that will impact you. Check out our daily moonscopes if you need to know what the days energy holds. The moon can influence the tides and your mind – honor that power, and embrace your position as a part of nature. It can propel you deep into success. Learn how to use the moon’s energy to enhance your own by setting intentions here.

Check in With the Divine Draw an oracle or tarot card when you start to feel that midday drag. A burst of inspiration during the time when you may feel the most uninspired will remind you that there is still divinity in that moment. If cards aren’t your thing, try putting in your head phones and pressing shuffle, asking for a sign. Listen to the song that comes on fully and lose yourself in the moment. Or, reflect on a symbol and assume the feeling that it gives you.

Bless Your Food Think about how much harder it was to get food for your ancestors. Food is a precious part of life that literally gives you life force. Give thanks and savor every experience and flavor.

This attitude of gratitude extends past food, and is setting out the intention of abundance. Every time you sit down to eat, see the deeper meaning of what is going on.

Do a Nighttime Ritual Just like a nighttime skincare routine is magical for your skin, do something magical for your soul, too. This can help enhance dreams, assist in unwinding from the day, and allow you to recharge deeply. Light a candle, drink a cup of tea, write in a journal, or listen to an inspiring song.

Know Your Magic “Know thyself” is one of the most holy sayings from the early Priestesses of Delphi. Some people thrive in the kitchen, while others thrive at the beach. Some thrive in groups while others thrive in community. Find what magic makes your heart sing. Find your anchors, the things that keep you grounded, and find the things that enliven your soul.

You have one life, why not make it magic? Let us know how you practice your magic by tagging us @ALEXANDANI on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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