Full Moon vs. New Moon –  A Guide to Setting Intentions

Full Moon vs. New Moon – A Guide to Setting Intentions

There is no doubt we are fascinated with the moon. As Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon is the closest celestial body to our own and remarkably powerful, its cycles intimately linked to our own lives here. 

In the natural world, the moon impacts time, tides, and light on earth. In addition to the circadian rhythms prompted by the earth orbiting the sun, there are also circalunar rhythms that impact many forms of animal life. The proximity of the moon and the accompanying fluctuations in gravitational pull from it create the tidal forces that draw water into and out of the oceans. They, in essence, create a near and far tidal bulge on opposite sides of the earth that cause the continuous undulations of our largest bodies of water.

Lunar cycles help dictate the migration and navigation practices of many animals, especially birds, and moonlight drives certain animal adaptations to low light and some species actually use it as their primary source of light for navigation and procreation.

So, with its ability to influence nature and energy, it is a small wonder that we have often looked to the moon for guidance and inspiration. Revered over time by peoples such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, and Celts, the moon and its phases have influenced human culture and beliefs since ancient times.

The most striking of the moon’s phases are the new moon when the orb is dark and shadowed, and the full moon, when it is fully lit and luminescent. Each phase has its own import and related rituals and new moon vs. full moon rituals are fascinating to explore. So let’s look at the new moon vs. full moon and what they mean.

The new moon, with its shadowed exterior and hidden surfaces, is a time to look inward and reflect. Some ancient cultures compared this darkness to the hidden and dark womb before birth. The intention setting new moon is a time of renewal and new birth and to work on what new things you want to manifest in your life. 

You can prepare your body and mind by relaxing with aromatherapy, deep breathing, lighting a candle, or taking a bath with essential oils. Set your new moon intentions by writing out all you want to attract this moon cycle. What about yourself or your life do you want to see transformed? What are the empty areas in your life that you want to fill? Get clear, write it down, then manifest it in your speech. “I am ready for change, I am welcoming transformation, I am welcoming growth, abundance, love, and new positive experiences.”

The next step is watching for the opportunities and signs that come your way over the next moon cycle. Then take the action you need to manifest your desires.

When there is a full moon, you can feel the moon’s energy being released into the world. This is a time to determine your full moon intentions and determine what you need to release that may be holding you back. 

Take the time of the full moon to write down all the things you wish to release and free yourself from. These could be negative energy, people, limiting beliefs, emotions, or your own self-doubts – whatever you know is holding you back. Then say these out loud. 

You might say something like, “I am freeing myself of self-doubt and fear. I am releasing limiting beliefs, obstacles, and pre-conceived notions of the future – anything that does not serve my highest and greatest good.” 

The key is trusting this will happen. There is great power in the universe – carry the power of the moon with you by shopping our full Moon + Star Jewelry Collection! And don’t forget to celebrate your successes with the people you love.



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