8 Common Dreams and What They Mean

8 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams are a way to tap into your subconscious world – a powerful tool that transcends your waking life and leads to the depths of your truth. The universe speaks to us in a language we can understand, which usually means practical situations in dreamtime with deeper meaning. Dreams have been interpreted since ancient times, and there are some common dreams that have stood the test of time. Are you ready to explore what your mind is telling you?


Falling When you dream that you are falling, it usually represents a feeling of helplessness in a situation in your waking life. What are you insecure about? Do you feel like you are failing at something? It can also mean that you feel a lack of support. Try and focus on which areas in your life you can cultivate more comfort for yourself.

Teeth Dreaming that your teeth are falling out is a classic sign of feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about something in your life. It could also mean you don't know what to say or fear saying the wrong thing. When you wake up, focus on which situations bring about these feelings, and reflect on how to speak your truth fully.

Water Whenever you dream about water in your dreams, it signifies emotion. What is the water doing? Is it calm and still, or raging and rapid? Just like the water signs in the zodiac, water represents deep feelings. Notice the situation happening around the water – it is your subconscious telling you how you truly feel about something, someone, or yourself.

Naked When you dream that you are naked during a big presentation or in public, it usually indicates that you feel vulnerable about something in your waking life. It could mean a fear of being exposed and then in turn being persecuted, or fear of the “naked” truth. When you have this dream, take a step back and think of what is making you feel anxious.

Death In Italian culture, having a dream that someone dies means three days of good luck for them. Honestly, they are not far off. If you have a dream that you or someone else dies, it means transition and huge change is coming. This does not mean death, it means a time of rebirth. Remember that the universe doesn’t see death as an end, but a new beginning. Reflect on what that means for you or the subject of your dream.

Being Chased This dream is a metaphor for a situation that you don’t think you can run from or handle. Your emotions are whatever it is that is chasing you, like anger or fear. Don’t run from your emotions, face them strongly and find someone you trust to process them with.

Flying To have a dream where you are flying indicates a newfound sense of freedom and exploration. It is a time of celebration, curiosity, and newfound power. Enjoy it! These dreams are fun.

Driving an Out of Control Car Most of the time, you are every object in your dream. In this case, envision yourself as the car. Where in your life do you feel out of control? Who was with you, or what were you trying to escape from in your dream? This is a good indicator of something that is triggering you in your waking life. What was your reaction to the intensity of the car?

Dreams are a gateway between the subconscious, the etheric, and yourself. They certainly are sacred, so always remember to write them down, to think about them often, and to look up what they mean. There are many websites, like Dream Moods, that can guide you to the truth of your dream. Happy dreaming!

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