Body: Supercharge Your Fall Stack | August 2021

Body: Supercharge Your Fall Stack | August 2021

August is a powerful month of transition, as we change from hot summer days to cooler nights that carry in the first hints of fall. It’s a month to appreciate the last beautiful, laid-back moments of the summer, but to prepare yourself for what’s ahead. Luckily, this month’s trends are there to help you get ready. 

This month, adorn yourself with powerful gemstones and bold accent pieces. Our gemstone accent bangles use oversized beads made of genuine gemstones believed to promote wellness and cultivate a more harmonious spirit.

A calming, healing stone, Aventurine is believed to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Wear the vivid green Aventurine when you’re ready to bring a positive attitude with you as you embrace the possibilities this “stone of opportunity” helps you seek out and grasp.
A powerful bringer of balance, Tiger’s Eye is believed to aid you when you want to cultivate feelings of groundedness and harmony. Wear the luxe brown Tiger’s Eye when you’re feeling conflicted, and you need to clear out what’s blocking you from feeling like your fullest, most creative self.


When you need to see things clearly, keep the deep blue Sodalite stone close. Believed to help you tap into your intuition and trust your instincts, this stone can help you focus your intentions and manifest your goals into reality. Wear the Sodalite bangle when you’re ready to fully tap into your innate potential. 

The glowing pink of Rose Quartz tells you all you need to know about this stone: that it’s the stone of love, believed to help you attract more love to yourself, both from others and from within. Wear Rose Quartz when you’re ready to embrace the love you deserve.

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