With an emphasis on feeling rather than concept, the ALEX AND ANI Spring 2020 collection celebrates self-love in all its forms. With a significance placed on reconnecting to nature, our new pieces embrace beauty in imperfection and honors uninhibited bliss.

Self-love is vital to our emotional wellbeing. Caring for yourself will give you the strength and confidence to shift your mindset to be more optimistic and open the doors to new experiences and relationships that you perhaps once feared.

We find solace in this collection and honor our authentic selves for being ‘good’ enough. By acknowledging, accepting and embracing our inherent flaws, we can find liberation, growth and inner peace. Through daily mindful acts of being kind to yourself, once you arrive your authentic state of personal contentment you will be able to find joy in all the unexpected miracles life has to offer.

Perfection isn’t the norm and no matter how you celebrate yourself, the common denominator is that self-love is all about self-acceptance during the good times and the bad. Surrender to yourself, celebrate yourself, and trust yourself. Remember, you are on a journey that is unique to only YOU and have the power to create your own story. We are here to help navigate you on your path and guide you to your higher purpose.

Our Spring collection introduces new keepsake symbols and styles that will provide you with daily affirmations to help keep you guided on your journey to self-discovery. This collection is a must-have to add to your growing ALEX AND ANI collection and when worn with other meaningful symbols that are personalized to your individuality will help amplify the power of change and self-worth.




THE HONEYBEE: “I am essential”.

Are you shouldering heavy burdens?

Do you need help pollinating new ideas and projects?

Is your soul seeking a community to which you can belong?

If your answer to the above is YES, then the honeybee is for you.

The honeybee teaches you how to reach your fullest potential and what we as humans are capable of co-creating in this world. Just like people, the honeybee comes with their own personal job, not one job more important than the next, all to serve the greater good.

STYLING TIP: Experiment with color combinations like blue and gold. Blue is the color of trust + peace and gold is the color of achievement + triumph. Amplify your stack meaning by layering in new stretch styles and inspirational mantras from our Words Are Powerful collections.



THE WILDFLOWER: “I am Beautiful, I am strong, I am resilient”

A wildflower is the perfect teacher on how to live life freely, resiliently, and in total beauty. No matter what life throws at you, know that you too can grow wild and free, no matter the circumstances.

If you aspire for off-the-grid travel and slow living practices, wear the wildflower as a reminder to help you harness strength and peace on your journey.

STYLING TIP: Amplify the power of the wildflower by layering with an amethyst gemstone necklace to provide you with extra protection against negative energy. Finish your look with the lotus piece petal for purity and enlightenment.


THE BUTTERFLY: “I trust the Power of Change”

There is one guarantee in life – that change will happen. The butterfly teaches that there is hope in times of change, that for every ending, there is a new beginning, and that to blossom, you must first experience transformation. Embrace change and trust the process, your new wings are on the other side.


Wear the butterfly as a keepsake token for years to come to remind you of the power of change, and gift it to those who need help navigating their journey.


THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER: “I am open to Sweet Serendipity”


Four leaf clovers are iconic symbols of prosperity, believed to bring good luck to those fortunate enough to stumble upon them. With the serendipitous combination of faith and timing, you'll find the luck you desire when you need it the most. Gift this symbol to someone commemorating on a new life experience like an exciting career change or even a painful relationship breakup.


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