Unique, Meaningful Gifts for Pregnant Women: A Guide

Unique, Meaningful Gifts for Pregnant Women: A Guide

Need a unique baby shower gift idea for an expectant mom in your life? Check out these beautiful, meaningful options.


What better gift for the mom-to-be in your life than a beautiful piece of jewelry that represents her personal journey towards motherhood? Whether you’re looking for a gift for your newly pregnant friend or a special baby shower gift that reflects the mom-to-be’s unique personality and tastes, you’ll find tons of “just right” ideas here. She’ll see just how well you know her when she opens a thoughtful gift that reflects her interests and style.

If she’s yoga-obsessed… She never misses a prenatal yoga class, always makes time to exercise for two, and lives in her sneakers when she’s not barefoot on the mat. Gift her a LOTUS PEACE PETALS Pull Chain Bracelet with the Om symbol. She’ll think of you while practicing gratitude.

If she’s business-minded… This gift is perfect for the mom-to-be who juggles her career and home life so effortlessly that you’re convinced that she’s from another planet, just like Diana Prince. Since your career-crushing friend is about to take on the most challenging job of all, gift her with a Wonder Woman Expandable Necklace to honor her superpowers.

If she’s fashion-forward… We all have that friend who takes pregnancy fashion to an enviable level. Let her know how much you admire her ability to let her personality shine as she embarks on this important new chapter of her life. Consider a Galaxy Expandable Necklace, which will surely enhance her radiance.

If she’s spiritual… Does your pregnant friend count faith as a key element in her life? No matter what her spiritual affiliation, there is a symbol that’s right for her in this moment. The Virgin Miraculous Medal Necklace Charm honors the Virgin Mary, the ultimate representation of grace, faith, and motherhood. Or acknowledge her sacred journey with a Star of David Necklace Charm, Hand of Fatima Adjustable Ring, Tree of Life Charm Bangle, or the LOTUS PEACE PETALS Charm Bangle.

If she’s an Earth Mother… The Earth Mother is a sign of fertility, but she also represents wisdom, spirituality and caring for nature. Help her celebrate the new life she’s bringing into the world with the Blue Lotus Expandable Wire Bangle, which represents the mystery of life, death, resurrection, and rebirth. [link to be added when live]

If she’s philanthropic… This expectant loved one gives back selflessly with her time and money. Recognize how much she does for others with a pregnancy gift that gives back: Consider the Baby Block Charm Bangle, which supports the March of Dimes or the Take the Wheel Charm Bangle, a portion of the proceeds of which go to The Herren Project, which helps people with addictions.

If you don’t know her very well… Not sure which ALEX AND ANI charm, medal, or bangle is best for the expectant person in your life? Try a sentimental gift that encompasses a mother’s love and support, like the Mom Charm Bangle or the You Are My Sunshine Pull Cord Bracelet. Two other ways to find a perfectly personalized gift? Visit the Symbol Wall to browse for a piece that would speak to her or try using our Personal Blueprint tool to lead you to some meaningful options (and why not use it to shop for yourself while you’re at it!)

Written by Diana Kelly