The Complete List of ALEX AND ANI Collegiate and Sorority Bracelets

The Complete List of ALEX AND ANI Collegiate and Sorority Bracelets

We carry a variety of sorority charms to cherish forever! After all, school spirit is much more than a phrase — it’s an everlasting feeling that goes hand in hand with your treasured college memories. Those years are a special rite of passage into adulthood that shape who we become and the lives we lead as adults. After years on campus, many of us formed lifelong bonds of sisterhood through Greek life, and those special memories deserve to be honored and remembered.

We’re excited to announce that we offer a Collegiate Collection! Your years in college are worth celebrating. Connect to your university with this collection of sorority bracelets with collegiate charms, which includes:

Florida State University

If you attended Florida State University, celebrate your fun in the sun and academic achievements with a beautiful bracelet. The classic FSU logo will always remind you of those late night studying sessions, weekend trips to the beach, chanting at Seminoles games, and so much more.

Michigan State University

Spartans Will! Those who went to Michigan State University will adore our bracelet with the beloved Spartans logo. Reminiscence about your East Lansing adventures with your besties, and take pride in all of the work you put into your future. Be sure to pick up some extra sorority bracelets for the people who made your college experience so special.

Ohio State University

Whether you were born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, or made it your temporary home, if you attended Ohio State University, you’ll absolutely love this shiny bracelet and its sorority charms. This eco-friendly bangle is crafted from clean metals and recycled materials. Go Bucks!

Pennsylvania State University

From Lions games to impromptu trips to Philly, anyone who attended Pennsylvania State University has plenty of memories to look back upon. Featuring the classic Lions logo, this elegant bracelet is a keepsake that will always have sentimental value. Don’t forget to buy sorority bracelets for your PSU sister too!

University of Alabama

Crimson Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide! Those who attended University of Alabama will surely appreciate this lovely bracelet that boasts the iconic crimson and white colors. If you want to be reminded of the beloved mascot, Big Al, shop our elephant jewelry!

University of Florida

Featuring the classic Gators logo, our University of Florida bracelet is sure to bring back memories of chanting, cheering, and chomping at the Swamp, watching the music and fireworks at the Gator Growl, and so much more.

University of Kentucky

Every time you see the classic blue and white, our University of Kentucky sorority bracelets will remind you of the magical moments spent at UK — from tailgating at Wildcats games to scenic strolls through the arboretum to unforgettable nights out in Lexington. Celebrate those special days with our sorority charms!

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina attendees will certainly appreciate this bracelet with the Carolina blue and white logo proudly displayed. Wear it as a reminder of wonderful memories, from meet-ups at The Yogurt Pump to raucous Tar Heels games to climbing the Bell Tower in your senior year.

University of Tennessee

Our University of Tennessee sorority bracelets feature the orange and white Volunteers logo that will always remind you of supporting the team on Big Orange Fridays, as well as all of the other good times and academic achievements that defined this incredible chapter in your life.

Virginia Tech

Our Virginia Tech collegiate charms are must-own treasures for VT alumni! The red and white logo will bring you right back to those crazy Hokies games, rocking out to the classic rock jams that got the crowd moving on their feet! Of course, everyone has their own memories. Which ones are most meaningful to you?

West Virginia University

Our West Virginia University sorority bracelets have the classic blue and gold logo that immediately brings to mind Mountaineers games — singing along to John Denver, chanting every first down, and doing the thunder clap alongside your besties. These sorority charms also serve as wonderful reminders of beautiful Blacksburg and its vibrant culture and community.

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