ALEX AND ANI Supports Nurses During National Nurses Week!

ALEX AND ANI Supports Nurses During National Nurses Week!

Nurses are heroes. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes; they are the people who empower and impact the lives around them through their compassion and courage. Join ALEX AND ANI during the annual National Nurses Week as we recognize the devoted contributions and significant impact that nurses have on the public every day.


Nurses provide a nurturing love and healing energy to every person they touch. During this special week, we join others in giving respect and appreciation for this important profession. These three symbols and charms would make a perfect gift for the nurse in your life — each one will strengthen and amplify their unique qualities and intrinsic energies.

The Ash Ogham As the Ogham of spiritual healing, Ash represents the master plan interconnecting every aspect of our lives. The interwoven branches of the World Tree hold the energy of divine knowledge and pull meaning from the most ancient wisdom of Mother Earth. Filled with hidden symbolism, the Ash Charm Bangle allows the wearer to tap into the vast and eternal knowledge of nature every day.

The Seven Swords This powerful symbol exemplifies the radiant strength and love that form the backbone of all nurses. Like the seven Archangels represented in this charm — Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadekiel — nurses are fierce protectors, lending us their strength at the most important moments in our lives. Gift the Seven Swords Charm Bangle to a nurse who can use this divine, angelic protection and grace to further encourage and support others.

Creation Of Adam The Divine Guides Collection includes the most inspiring iconic spiritual depictions of all time. We look to this collection to receive their divine grace, to find strength, protection, and unconditional love in our daily lives. For the nurse in your life, carrying the Creation Of Adam Charm Bangle serves as a humbling reminder that miracles exist. As God breathes life into Adam, we rejoice in humanity, remembering to persevere in even the most difficult moments. It’s at those moments in our lives that we need a touchstone to ground us within our divine existence.

Filled with nuanced meaning, the ALEX AND ANI Jewelry Collections use the wisdom and history of both modern and ancient symbols to infuse each product with positive energy. Celebrate a nurse who has positively impacted your life — shop the collections to select a bangle and charm honoring and amplifying those qualities that she best exemplifies in her life and practice.

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