Our Latest Fall Favorite: Fireball Jewelry

The powers that be have spoken, and what’s in for fall is sparkle. Minimalism has had its moment in 2022, but for fall we’re looking to sparkle and shine. This season, more is more, and with the Fireball Collection, you’re sure to light up any room just by walking through the door. Fall fashion in 2022 is not shy. We’re looking forward to the big, bold, and shining styles that will catch the eye and turn some heads while you’re at it. Even styles that are rooted in and inspired by nature will have an over-the-top element that we’re living for.  

Behind the Curated Capsule

These crystal-encrusted spheres are giving nature and disco, and we’re here for it. Inspired by the night sky and the dazzling stars that twinkle and shine from far, far away, the Fireball Collection is the perfect fall jewelry. Stars are powerful fireballs that provide light and warmth from distances we can’t fathom traveling.  

Unlike how wood burns with a flame here on Earth, stars aren’t flaming. They’re even more intense than that. They’re giant balls of nuclear fusion, far more powerful and beautiful than anything else you’ll find when you gaze into the night sky.  

How to style the Fireball Collection

Yes, this season's jewelry is all about standing out in the crowd, but the versatile Fireball Collection can be worn to suit any style. Keep it simple with your favorite of the three finishes: shiny gold, silver, or rose gold. Let the sparkling fireball necklace stand alone in a classic silhouette that perfectly complements any neckline.  

If your style tends to lean to the louder side, layering is the look for you. You could layer the blue or pink crystal fireballs with the clear crystal for an unforgettable look. Stack on all three colors with symbols that will empower you this season for a wrist stack that will keep you looking and feeling like your truest self. 

Blue Crystal

Blue is the color of calmness, loyalty, and peace. Blue crystal symbolizes trustworthiness and reliability as well. In the same way, we can rely on the stars shining bright every night, you can be relied upon by those you hold close in your heart. Wear this color for a cool head and a soothing effect on those around you. 

Pink Crystal

Pink crystal represents friendship, harmony, and inner peace. A universal symbol of love, the color pink is warm and inviting. This pink and rose gold finish is perfect for those that want to bring love and light into the world. Wear this color as a reminder to love yourself and to give yourself the things you need. 

Clear Crystal

Clear crystal is thought to bolster one’s inner strength and is associated with independence and enthusiasm. By bringing you better focus and clarity, the clear crystal is able to help you see your desires in a new light as well as how to achieve them. Wear this color to keep your mind focused on what’s most important.  

The Perfect Gift

Let your love for the ones closest to you shine bright this season. The Fireball Collection is an excellent choice when shopping for the ones you love. When you gift jewelry from our latest Fresh Finds, you’re telling that special someone that they light up your life. Gift them the confidence to see themselves the way that you see them.  

Gemstone Care: Be gentle when caring for your gemstone jewelry. Try to apply beauty products like fragrance and lotion prior to putting on your stones. They can be cleaned with our polishing cloth and can also be gently cleaned with mild soap and water. ​

When you adorn yourself with the luxurious beauty of the Fireball Collection, you embody what it means to shine bright and bring warmth to those around you. Which piece from the collection will you layer on?