Vintage-Inspired Jewelry

These definitely aren't the pieces your grandmother and her friends wore back in the day, but we promise that nobody will be able to tell the difference. Discover jewelry inspired by the most unique pieces from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s to commemorate your relationship with the older women in your life. Explore vintage-inspired jewelry that looks just like theirs, and wear your matching sets together! Whether it's a grandmother, mother, aunt, godmother, or older friend, you can connect on a whole new level with bracelets and necklaces from decades past.

Vintage-Style Necklaces and Bracelets

Our vintage-inspired jewelry ranges from necklaces and bangles to cuff bracelets and rings. Anything that you might find in an antique store, we've recreated here! We've taken many symbols, colors, and shapes from way back in the day and refreshed them with a subtle modern spin. Find pieces dripping with beads, decorated with inline floral facets, dangled with nature pendants, and so much more in our collection! When you're ready to explore, start here and move on to a few of our other vintage selections. Ready for more vintage-style bracelets and necklaces? Make sure to check out the Vintage Sixty-Six® and Evil Eye collections for additional symbols, styles, and designs that have been around for decades!

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