Yin Yang Jewelry

Drawn from Chinese philosophy, the symbols of yin and yang showcase the balance of opposites. Traditionally, yin and yang symbology is about the harmony between males and females. The yin portion of the imagery is all dark, with a single white spot to symbolize the earth, night, darkness, absorption, and female energy. The yang portion of the design is a white background with a dark spot, representing the day, sky, activity, penetration, and male energy. In our yin and yang collection, we strive to respect and embrace the origins of this symbol and encourage others to find strength and guidance in its design. Create balance and harmony in your own life when you use yin and yang jewelry to ground you.

Yin Yang Bracelets, Necklaces, + Rings

Our yin and yang selection includes a variety of necklaces, rings, bangles, and bracelets in different styles and aesthetics. You might find charm bangles with a single-painted circle, multi-bracelet styles with beads and chains, and adjustable corded styles that play with color. Through the inclusive nature of our design process, we’re confident there’s something in our yin and yang jewelry collection that speaks to every aesthetic.

Shop Meaningful Style

Whether you prefer a yin and yang necklace or bracelet, we know that it’s the deeper meaning behind the design that calls to you. We want everyone to find more interpretive designs that help with self-discovery and expression. With a collection where every piece expresses something beneath the surface, your sense of style becomes a beacon of individuality and poignant revelation. Shop our entire store to discover the designs that help you articulate your sense of self today.

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