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Executive Profiles

The ALEX AND ANI Executive Board is a diverse, unparalleled group of innovators with experience in a multitude of industries. Led by Carolyn Rafaelian, founder, Creative Director and CEO, the Executive Board constantly strives to develop new, cutting edge techniques to create sustainable products to enhance the lives of consumers. This visionary group is committed to developing and enhancing the ALEX AND ANI brand with the intent of spreading positive energy.

  • Carolyn Rafaelian
    Founder, Creative Director & Chief Executive Officer
  • Harlan Kent
  • Suzanne Turcotte
    General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Charity By Design

Empowering consumers to enter the charitable world through their purchases, a portion of proceeds from all CHARITY BY DESIGN products are donated directly to non-profit organizations who strive to enhance the quality of lives on Earth.

Total Amount Raised for Charity:
Over 24 Million Dollars

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AFFINITY: Officially Licensed Products

Building relationships with world-class companies, creating co-branded exclusive pieces for consumers, and encouraging innovative partnerships, Affinity products honor a legacy of American tradition and culture.

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Working diligently with distributors and sales agencies to develop relationships worldwide, ALEX AND ANI operates in 10 countries and 11 Caribbean islands.

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Empowering the universal and symbolic language of music and encouraging self-expression, Entertainment extends our positive energy reach by creating meaningful connections with emerging artists, storied venues, and rhythmic icons.

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Alex and Ani Institute

Alex and Ani Institute Professional Development Center offers learning programs for organizational members by uniquely cohering the human sciences, spirituality, psychology and systems thinking in a way that uncovers you at work and inspires transformational results in a self-discovery, awareness of others, teaming, creativity, and engagement in a productive workplace. Alex and Ani Institute offers workshops, Learning Journeys & Courses birthed to awaken, nurture, and inspire human development through self-understanding and systems thinking.



Carolyn Rafaelian
Founder, Creative Director & Chief Executive Officer

A purposeful life is one lived without fear.

Harlan Kent

“Our most important assets are our brand and our people.”

Suzanne Turcotte
General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“Spirit needs matter to become substantial; matter needs spirit to become meaningful.”
- Unknown