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Warrior of the soul

These real-life leaders are redefining
what it means to be a warrior with powerful
intentions and positive vibes.

Meet the warriors who inspired our new fall products

Lauren Wasser, T.S.S. Survivor and Warrior of the Soul, wears new charm bangles, adjustable rings, and gold plated sterling silver necklaces from the fall 2018 collection.
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Lauren Wasser

TSS Survivor, Activist, Model, Actress

No one gets a second chance—but after Lauren Wasser beat the odds, she knew it was to tell the world her story. Now, after her second leg amputation from Toxic Shock Syndrome, Lauren is making it her mission to spread awareness and start her journey back to herself. … read more

T.S.S. survivor and Warrior of the Soul, Lauren Wasser, wears new necklaces, charm bangles, bracelets, and rings from the Fall 2018 Collection.

Pieces that inspire her

J. Chavae, Doula and Warrior of the Soul, wears new charm bracelets and statement necklaces, featuring the Elephant charm, from the fall 2018 collection.
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J. Chavae

Author, Doula, Yogi, Wellness facilitator

Shortly after starting her yoga journey, J. Chavae found her purpose and mission: to encourage others to follow their own path. Through sharing her light and personal experiences, she facilitates the healing of others. … read more

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Pieces that inspire her

Mariah K. Lyons, Dancer and Warrior of the Soul, wears new adjustable rings and charm bangles, featuring powerful symbols, from the fall 2018 collection.
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Mariah K. Lyons

Reiki Master, Gemstone Alchemist, Designer, Dancer

Mariah uses movement to channel energy and tap into her greater purpose. From designing crystal-infused products to journeying inward to harness her own healing powers, Mariah believes we’re all our best teacher. … read more

Healer, Alchemist, and Warrior of the Soul, Mariah K. Lyons, wears new wrap styles, beaded bracelets, and charm bangles, including the Hamsa.
Miss Enocha, Songwriter and Warrior of the Soul, wears new color beaded bracelets from the fall 2018 collection.
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Miss Enocha

Singer, Songwriter, Heart-Follower,

There are people who follow the path, and others who aren’t afraid to blaze their own. After quitting her day job for her dream life, Enocha decided to risk it all to stay true to her passion: Music. Meet the singer, songwriter and true creative whose love for travel, art, and living authentically inspires others to do the same. … read more

Singer, songwriter, heart-follower, and Warrior of the Soul, Miss Enocha, wears the new Tiger Cuff, symbolizing spirit, with mixed metal bracelets.

Pieces that inspire her

Sam Malpass, Artist and Warrior of the Soul, wears new adjustable rings, featuring symbols like the Evil Eye, from the fall 2018 collection.
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Sam Malpass

Artist, Traveler, Curator, Hustler

As an artist and world traveler, Sam has spent years finding inspiration across the globe to fuel her creations. Whether she’s painting powerful murals or working quietly behind the scenes in art camps with kids, everything she sees, feels, and experiences comes through in her work. … read more

Artist, Traveler, and Warrior of the Soul, Sam Malpass layers necklaces, charms, and bracelets in new fall styles and colors.

Pieces that inspire her

Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo, Founders of the Moon Club and Warriors of the Soul, wear new pieces from the fall 2018 collection.
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Ruby Warrington + Alexandra Roxo

Founders of Moon Club, Guides, Artists, Storytellers

Every month, Ruby and Alexandra host online group coaching sessions and retreats to help people heal and rise through mediation, moon cycles, and astrology. From mentoring programs to scholarship opportunities, these lunar-powered ladies are using their powers to guide people back to themselves. … read more

Alexandra Roxo, co-founder of Moon Club and Warrior of the Soul, wears fine jewelry earrings and necklaces including the turquoise  gemstone pendulum necklace.

Pieces that inspire them

Angela Braniff, Mother and Warrior of the Soul, wears the Mom bracelet because being a mom means the world to her.
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Angela Braniff

Mother, Child Advocate, Believer

A self-proclaimed “recovering people pleaser,” Angela found the real secret to life is to live boldly and authentically. She’s a busy mama to 7 (through birth and adoption), but behind the scenes she works hard to continue growing, learning, and helping the people and causes she cares about. … read more

Angela, seen here with her daughter, wears charm bracelets that speak to her personal story and pay homage to the people she loves. Angela, seen here with her son, wears gold plated sterling silver earrings that speak to her classic style.
Marcus John, Founder of Straightforward Foundation and Warrior of the Soul, wears new men’s collection pieces in sterling silver.
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Marcus John

Creative Director, Fashion Producer, Founder of StraightForward Foundation

As the founder of the StraightForward Foundation, Marcus John is impacting thousands of lives for the better—and once he sets his heart to something, there’s no turning back. He believes that evolution is the way forward. … read more

Marcus John wears men’s energy jewelry to find peace and balance. Marcus John wears men’s spiritual bracelets to bring awareness and insight.
Miki Ash, Meditation Teacher and Warrior of the Soul, wears sterling silver expandable necklaces, paired with sterling silver hoops.
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Miki Ash

Meditation teacher, Retreat leader, Traveler

A creator of powerful healing experiences and believer in pure joy, Miki is all about creating the life you want to live. Through her practice and teaching of yoga and meditation, she has overcome dark and challenging moments to focus on spreading light and positivity wherever she goes. … read more

Miki wears charm bangles, color beaded bracelets, and adjustable rings that sculpt her style story.

Pieces that inspire her

Lindsay Simmons, or Lulu as her dad called her, is a Warrior of the Soul, and she wears the Elephant statement necklace in rose gold as a reminder of gentle strength.
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Lindsay Simmons

Healer, Seer, Writer, Yoga Teacher

As an eternal optimist, empath, and deeply intuitive healer, Lindsay uses her gifts to help people discover their truth. Through yoga, and touch, Lulu improves the lives of others the best way she knows how—by truly seeing them. … read more

Lindsay wears pieces from the fall 2018 collection that remind her of her personal story, like Spiritual Armor wrap bracelets.
Selena Slavenburg and Jacob Taylor, Filmmakers and Warriors of the Soul, are a perfect pair in symbolic styles that speak to their love story.
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Selena Slavenburg + Jacob Taylor

Travel Guides, Filmmakers, Photographers, Free Spirits

These two California natives fell in love with travel and wanderlust when they were kids and have dedicated their adult life to seeking out new experiences—and encourage others to do the same. Through photography, filmmaking, and their thoughtfully curated travel blog, they’re sharing the world one trip (and photo) at a time. … read more

Jacob, world traveler, co-founder of Find Us Lost, and Warrior of the Soul, wears the latest cuff and bracelet styles from the Alex and Ani Men’s Collection.

Pieces that inspire them

Jordan Younger, Yogi and Warrior of the Soul, wears pieces that tell her individual story.
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Jordan Younger

Lyme Warrior, Podcaster, Holistic Healer

Everyone’s journey is different—and for Jordan, hers meant overcoming obstacles to get where she is today. But through a newfound healthy lifestyle and listening to her body and intuition, Jordan is bringing balance back to her life through writing, teaching yoga, and spreading positivity … read more

Jordan wears bangles cuffs in a silver finish, from the fall 2018 collection, that speak to her simplistic style.

Pieces that inspire her

Leigh Winters, Writer and Warrior of the Soul, wears gold plated sterling silver necklaces with charms that tell her individual story.
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Leigh Winters

Writer, Neuroscientist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Wellness Expert

Wellness comes in many forms—and for Leigh, it’s all about cultivating a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Through her work with aromatherapy, essential oils, and natural beauty formulation, Leigh is blending science with spirituality to help others care for and honor the body they were born into. … read more

Neuroscientist, aromatherapist, and warrior, Leigh Winters styles for fall in new sterling silver and 14kt gold plated sterling silver styles.

Pieces that inspire her