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A line extension of ALEX AND ANI, VINTAGE SIXTY-SIX pushes boundaries with designs that are bold, time-honored, and completely original. Utilizing one of a kind vintage chains, castings, jewels, and powerful stones, every design is purposefully crafted. Each piece draws inspiration from the age of youth that grew from the revolutionary ideas of the sixties. VINTAGE SIXTY-SIX boldly encourages an inherited, eccentric way of thinking, feeling, and doing. These retro-chic designs harness the cultural power of change and the capabilities of the imagination.



1966 holds special significance, as it is the year that Ralph Rafaelian, father of Carolyn Rafaelian, founder, Creative Director and CEO of ALEX AND ANI, opened the family’s jewelry factory. Rachel Rafaelian-Ajaj continues this legacy as head designer of VINTAGE SIXTY-SIX. Drawing from her grandfather’s aesthetic, Rafaelian-Ajaj designs statement pieces with vintage materials that date back to the roots of the Rafaelian family.