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Compass Men's Necklace

Compass Unisex Adjustable Necklace

.925 Sterling Silver

Necklaces Fine Jewelry collection CHARITY BY DESIGN, National Football League, Charm Station, HARRY POTTER, Men's and Pearls collection Fine Jewelry for Growth + New Beginnings

Shop ALEX AND ANI for delicate and precious jewelry that have a necklaces product type, that are part of our Fine Jewelry collection, that are part of our CHARITY BY DESIGN or National Football League or Charm Station or HARRY POTTER or Men's or Pearls collections and that convey meanings of Growth + New Beginnings in 14kt yellow gold, sterling silver, and 14kt rose gold for your refined style. Designed with eco-conscious metals, we crafted these pieces to empower and connect humanity, and feature ALEX AND ANI's favorite signature symbols and the trendiest designs.