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Feather Pull Chain Bracelet

Truth | Light | Virtue

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An object representing light and air, a feather is the bearer of truth and justice. Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart weighed as light as a feather. In Christianity, feathers represent virtues of charity, hope, and faith. Bestow the feather to seek wisdom and reach new heights.

The Alt Text
@thisgatherednest, WARRIOR OF THE SOUL

"All the pieces with feathers are very close to my heart. When I think about my home or nest, I imagine how I was like a mama bird, flying all over the world to gather my babies and bring them home."

Details & More Info


  • Name: Feather Pull Chain Bracelet
  • Expandable from 5.5" to 9.5"
  • Crafted with Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Plated components


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