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Evil Eye Fashion Earrings Sterling Silver | 100 Made

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Inspired by the traditional nazar amulet, which means “vision” in Arabic, the symbol of the eye stares back at the world. An unblinking emblem of strength, the eye was worn by ancient Armenians to ward off misfortune and harmful energy. This protective eye symbolizes the divine, watchful gaze that cannot be deceived, seeing only truth. When you’re empowered with peace and protection, all will be well. Paired with rainbow fluorite, these earrings are thought to enhance intuition. There are only 100 pairs made of this ALEX AND ANI Evil Eye Fashion Earring in .925 Sterling Silver. Wear them as a symbol that you are protected by the divine eye.

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ALEX AND ANI 100 Made, on-line only, quantity limited to 1 unit per order and while supplies last.

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  • Name: Evil Eye Fashion Earrings Sterling Silver | 100 Made
  • The unique design of the chain earring allows for placement in first and second holes of one ear. Wear the bar earring in the other ear to complement your look.
  • Adorned with genuine Sodalite gemstones
  • Colors may vary due to natural makeup of the gemstones
  • Symbol charm dimensions: 6.15mm x 10.80mm
  • Gemstone dimensions: 6.40mm
  • Chain Length: 1" fully extended
  • Gemstone bar dimensions: 2.90mm x 12.55mm


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