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Elephant Two Tone Cuff


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According to ancient lore, the elephant came to Earth during the creation of man, to teach humanity about true strength. Witnessing the elephant’s gentle nature, how it never used its power to harm, man was enlightened. Held sacred in India, elephants have an advanced sense of empathy and kindness. They teach us that strength isn't always physical. Let their lesson be heard: the truest power is gentle.

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@badwaycreative, WARRIOR OF THE SOUL

"I’ve been creating a large Elephant series for almost five years now. The Elephant Two Tone Cuff is super reminiscent of the collection. This animal can mean so many different things to people – strength, honor, stability, fortune."

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  • Name: Elephant Two Tone Cuff
  • Crafted in our RAFAELIAN ROSE GOLD Finish


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