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Personal Blueprint

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is, or if you’re living the life you should be living? Or do you just feel like something is missing? By answering a few questions, you’ll receive your personal blueprint and no longer have to wonder. You’ll discover your soul number, birthstone, zodiac sign, archangel, and the energies you have that are worth sharing, such as faith, hope, love, strength, and wisdom. Your personal blueprint gives you the new life perspective you’ve been looking for; the blueprint for conscious living. You can also discover someone else’s personal blueprint and help them find balance, meaning, and truth in their life. Live the life you were meant to live with classic, custom jewelry from ALEX AND ANI. We sell gold and silver finished personalized bracelets that come with either your birthstone, zodiac sign, soul number, or initial charm. You can also get personalized necklace charms with your birthstone, zodiac sign, or initial. If delicately pretty is more your or your loved one’s style, check out our birthstone and number wrap rings.