Charming Facts: 5 Things To Know About ALEX AND ANI

Charming Facts: 5 Things To Know About ALEX AND ANI

Did you know ALEX and ANI jewelry is way more than just a fashion accessory? From the quality of our metals, to the powerhouse women leading the team behind the scenes, these 5 charming facts are what set us apart.  

1. We are Made in America:

ALEX AND ANI is a true example of a brand that was created + continues to be completely made in America, with love. We are community driven, doing business right in our backyard - the smallest state and Jewelry Capital of the World: Rhode Island. This allows us to give back to our community, by creating jobs for the people in our state, and to truly connect with those who are producing our materials and handcrafting our pieces. Allowing us to completely comprehend the circumstances in which they are created. We’re proud to be made in America. Because home is where the heart is.

2. Original Meaning Makers + Meaningful Gift Experts:

As a meaning-making brand, it should come as no surprise that we’re all about sentiment. Meaning to us is as personal as it gets. Our pieces are specifically designed to empower self expression through wearing pieces that make us feel connected (to ourselves or our loved ones). Designed for honoring moments that have changed us, and intentions for our future. Our meaningful charms allow our customers to keep empowering pieces close to them everyday. We have symbols and tokens to represent every moment, memory, and milestone life throws your way.



3. Nickel-Free Metals

We care about what is in our jewelry as much as we care about what IS NOT in our jewelry. We use recycled materials when crafting our products. It’s been our commitment from the beginning — to source materials from various industries across our home state of Rhode Island and to work with local mills and wire makers, who forge them into our jewelry, restoring its beauty in the process. Our metals are carefully crafted with safe materials and eco-friendly fabrication -- all nickel-free.



4. Trendy Styles at an Affordable Price

We are committed to offering new jewelry + accessories at a sharp price point, because we know you're going to love them! We love jewelry and we love the million different ways our customers express their individuality through their ALEX AND ANI pieces. By curating the best moments in fashion, we aim to make trendy styles and offer styling suggestions that turn into recognizable brand pieces. One of our goals this year is to make trends easier to own and blend into your classics.



5. Based in Symbology 

Since the beginning of time, symbols have existed as the universal language of life. Within them is ancient wisdom and powerful design, but it is you that gives them personal meaning. Often times,  symbols find you, repeatedly appearing throughout your life as reminders of the people, places and things that have shaped you. Other times, we choose symbols that give us the energy we need in the moment we are in. Wearing icons of strength, protection, love and wisdom can be powerful tools to help us on our journey.

At Alex and Ani, symbology is the heart of what we do. We believe that the universe speaks to us through signs and symbols. Pay close attention to those meant just for you.


Now that you know a little more about us, tell us more about YOU! Share your ALEX AND ANI stack story with #myALEXANDANI for a chance to be featured. We can't wait to see how you style our meaningful pieces. xo


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