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    Water Metal Wrap


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    Under the sea everything becomes clear. The seabed, full of its magic and color, is a place of endless exploration. Like life, we cannot be sure what we will find, but it is not always the outcome that counts - it's the journey. Expect the unexpected - wonder awaits.

    The perfect addition to your charmed arm
    • Circumference: 7.5''
    • Adjustable from: 6.5'' to 8.5"
    • Crafted with RAFAELIAN SILVER or RAFAELIAN GOLD Finishes

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    Inspired by the age of youth that grew from the revolutionary ideas of the sixties, Vintage Sixty-Six boldly encourages an inherited, eccentric way of thinking, feeling and doing. These retro-chic designs harness the cultural power of change and capabilities of the imagination.

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