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    Sword Metal Wrap

    Freedom • Clarity • Justice

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    With a blade that glints in the light, the sword cuts through ambiguity. It is liberating, as it cuts through the ties that weigh us down, and defeats ignorance. The sword also symbolizes justice and truth, carving the path to enlightenment. Swords represent the strength we all have within to be brave and make the choices and changes we need for the life we desire.

    The perfect addition to your charmed arm
    • Expandable from 2" to 3.5"
    • Crafted with our RAFAELIAN GOLD or RAFAELIAN SILVER Finishes

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    Inspired by the age of youth that grew from the revolutionary ideas of the sixties, Vintage Sixty-Six boldly encourages an inherited, eccentric way of thinking, feeling and doing. These retro-chic designs harness the cultural power of change and capabilities of the imagination.

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