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LIBERTY COPPER CARRY LIGHT™ 14kt Gold Center Necklace Charm, Small

Peace • Love • Unity

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The Statue of Liberty inspires all to believe in limitless opportunity. She raises her torch to light the way for others, but her real light illuminates from within. Bearing her torch, we too brighten the world. We are Lady Liberty’s movement of light and hope. When we CARRY LIGHT™, we ignite the light in others, and create one light indivisible.

Liberty Enlightening the World.

The perfect addition to your charmed necklace
• Charm Dimension: 0.55" x 0.55"
• Crafted with .925 Sterling Silver
• Charm contains LIBERTY COPPER Flame, and 14kt Gold
• Certificate of Authenticity included

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Through the LIBERTY COPPER Collection ALEX AND ANI® is supporting the work of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. The exclusive LIBERTY COPPER Collection features original copper preserved from the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Carry pieces of the most powerful icon of freedom and hope that exists. One flame has the power to ignite the world.

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