Pegasus Charm Bangle

Truth • Muse • Righteousness

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There is a powerful creative spirit in each of us, waiting to rise. The winged stallion, Pegasus, took a righteous stand against the gods so monumental, that he left a well in the ground. This well of inspiration continues to serve as a muse for artists today. With inspiration, you can rise above your own mind and make that leap. Tap into this endless well of inspiration, and let Pegasus carry you there.

The perfect addition to your charmed arm
• Expandable from 2" to 3.5"
• Charm Dimension: 0.96" x 0.65"
• Adorned with a Swarovski® Crystal
• Crafted with our RAFAELIAN GOLD and RAFAELIAN SILVER Finishes

Expandable to fit everyone
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