Introducing our
mobile experience.

The ALEX AND ANI mobile app is a
powerful blend of daily insight,
personalized shopping,
and symbolic
inspiration that creates an experience
unlike any other. Grounded in

meaning, this iOS app is your go-to for
everyday sparks of positive energy.

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Collect and Share

Reveal the pieces of your true self. Discover lists of handpicked pieces that embody divine meanings.

  • Explore the Inspiration Engine
  • Uncover your Personal Blueprint
  • Learn more with our digital Symbol Wall
  • Use our Gift Guide to find the perfect presents

Discover your
personal blueprint

Receive a symbolic profile made personally for you generated by simply typing in your name and birthday.

  • Learn more about the fated pieces of your identity
  • Uncover a friend's Personal Blueprint
  • View a collection of products customized to you

Search the
symbol wall

Brush up on your cultural expertise with a digital wall of our beloved symbols.

  • Read the meticulously crafted charm meanings
  • View a variety of products available per symbol
  • Mark what you'd like in our 'want it' feature

Explore our
gift guide

Find the right pieces with our personalized guides that make gift giving positively simple.

  • Answer a few questions to identify meaningful gifts for loved ones
  • Discover powerful pieces for yourself
  • Keep track of what you own with our 'have it' feature

Start today off right:
The daily Scroll

Inspired by the ancient tradition of inscribing parchment with essential information, the Daily Scroll is a collection of articles, anecdotes, and videos crafted to uplift and inspire each day.

  • Motivation Nation posts set intention for the day
  • Daily Moonscopes share a glimpse of how nature's energy affects you
  • Exclusive content provides insight on styling, symbolism, and soulful wellbeing