Scent 7 Room Spritz

SCENT 7 Room Spritz, 3.4 oz

True • Natural • Beauty
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Alex and Ani creates sustainable products with love and (+) ENERGY. Inspired by True Natural Beauty, each product encourages the individual to re-energize and explore the sheer power of positivity. SCENT 7 Room Spritz has been created with the four elemental energies of earth, air, fire, and water. This enchanting fragrance enhances the environment of any space as it gently instills (+) ENERGY into the atmosphere. Cleanse the energy in your home and work space in order to harmonize environments, creating a long lasting feeling of tranquility.

Directions: Generously spray the (+) ENERGY of SCENT 7 Room Spritz into the air as desired. This item is final sale.

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With top notes of lavender and geranium, SCENT 7 is a fresh and enticing fragrance that creates a balance between you and your surroundings. It awakens the senses and enhances your natural energy, as the aroma creates a powerful, tangible harmony grounded in the base note of patchouli. We blended in the finest ingredients, including coriander at the spicy heart, to craft the long-lasting SCENT 7 with deep notes of nature’s elements.

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