Lime Souk Wrap

Lime Souk Wrap

Encouragement • Creativity • Innovation
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Open-air marketplaces known as souks are filled with textiles, jewelry, and spices. The air is full of music, and singers and acrobats perform for the people who come to buy and sell. The Souk Wrap is inspired by this free-spirited atmosphere of celebration and is crafted with a combination of colorful crystals and textured beads. Wear the Souk Wrap to remind you that life is an adventure full of unexpected joy, and every day is an opportunity to learn and love.

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Inspired by the age of youth that grew from the revolutionary ideas of the sixties, Vintage Sixty-Six boldly encourages an inherited, eccentric way of thinking, feeling and doing. These retro-chic designs harness the cultural power of change and capabilities of the imagination.

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