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CHARITY BY DESIGN was born from the ALEX AND ANI ideal of spreading positive energy worldwide. Its unique abundance model empowers non-profit organizations by sharing time, resources, and talent to elevate their missions. CHARITY BY DESIGN strengthens charitable organizations through innovative partnerships and collaborative experiences. As CHARITY BY DESIGN re-defines corporate giving, its influence grows through employees, customers, and community members who have a passion to take action and get involved.

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Who We Support

CHARITY BY DESIGN empowers a multitude of non-profit organizations on an international, national, and local level, as it works to bring the power of positive energy where it’s needed most. From small foundations to national associations, CHARITY BY DESIGN supports causes by building brand awareness. CHARITY BY DESIGN believes in the power of giving and the power of working together to provide an outlet for positive change.


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How We Support

CHARITY BY DESIGN supports philanthropy in a variety of ways. From donations and in-store events to the creation of symbolic, creative designs, CHARITY BY DESIGN is spreading the power of positive energy. By allowing consumers to enter the charitable world with their purchases, ALEX AND ANI is inspiring consciousness.


Roger Williams Park Zoo Launch


How You Can Support

CHARITY BY DESIGN is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for non-profit organizations worldwide. If you are interested in getting involved, please click on the links in the following list for more information, or click the button below to begin the request process.

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