Yoga Pose of the Week: Frog

Welcome back for another Yoga Pose of the Week with Jessie Dwiggins! This week’s pose, Frog, is essential to stretch the inner thighs and hips once you’ve opened the outer hips with Pigeon.


You’re hip to Pigeon pose and hopefully it’s feeling pretty sweet. Once you’ve opened up the outer hip with Pigeon pose, it’s important to open the inner groin with Frog pose to balance the hips. Frog, or Mandukasana as its know in Sanskrit (the language of yoga), stretches the inner thigh, groins, and hips. Like so many other poses, it helps to relieve stress and anxiety by releasing stored tension in the large muscles surround the hip joints. Ladies, Frog is also particularly therapeutic for that specific discomfort at certain times of the month.


Balance Your Sacral Chakra with Frog Pose

Yes, you might feel like yoga road kill the first time you try this pose. But, remember, the essence of the sacral chakra is a willingness to accept new experiences, even if they’re intense. Gradual, purposeful exposure to things that make you uncomfortable eventually neutralizes your feelings toward it. Meaning, do Frog more, and you’ll hate it less. And an off-the-mat bonus, you’ll be more likely to embrace experiences that challenge you.


Strike a Pose: How To

1. Fold a yoga mat in half or place a blanket under your knees and ankles. From hands and knees, walk your knees as far apart from one another as they will comfortably go.

2. Line up your knees with your hips. Bend the legs to a right angle so the shinbones are perpendicular to the thighbones. Flex your feet and rest the inside edges of your feet to the mat or blanket.

3. Lengthen the thighbones away from the hips to create space in the joints.

4. Lower down onto your forearms or rest your chest on the floor. Do this without sliding your hips forward or back.

5. Look down at the floor to keep the back of your neck long. Relax your belly and soften your heart, so your shoulder blades draw toward one another. Gently push your hips back and downwards.

6. Breathe deeply into your hips for 1-5 minutes. If the sensation in your hips or groin starts to ease, walk your knees further apart to deepen the stretch.

7. To come out of the pose, lift your chest off of the floor or press up to your hands, straighten your legs, and slide your body forward to lie on your stomach.

Pair Frog and Pigeon poses together to create happy, healthy hips. Stick with it if your hips feel tight at first, they will change over time. You will also ignite your creativity, sense of abundance, and feelings of happiness and bliss. Who wouldn’t benefit from a boost of joy in their lives?


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Yoga Pose of the Week Disclaimer.

This post was written by Brendon Cunha